Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My 100th Blog Post

Wow. This is maybe one of the longest things I've ever kept up. I can't say it won't come to an end at any random time, sadly, but for the moment I will keep it going while I think I have anything worthwhile to say (though I suppose if I don't then I need to sort my life out)!

Anyway. I now have a lot more followers than I did, so I thought I would list my favourite posts, for people who will have missed them:

18th January: "An interesting, completely unexpected and quite embarrassing pub visit". My first 'story type' post. This shaped my blog, it was originally going to be me being emo.

22nd January: "FFFF: Famous Fit Female Friday". The start of my only (soon to be gone) feature.

31st January: "My Alcohol Collection and Shelf". This was my project for the start of the year. Build a shelf from scratch.

4th February: "Phileas Fogg and his WikiDiction Sentence". A sentence I added to Wikipedia a year ago, using as many big words as I could. It has since been used in quite a few other things.

13th February: "I couldn't think of anything to post today...". I think this was quite sufficient. And still makes me giggle.

24 February: "39) Start a clap after a plane landing". My story of when I completed the most embarrassing to date on the list.

2nd March: "A 'Behaviour Warning' From Sony". When Sony sent me an email telling me off. The most read post after the FFFF's.

10th March: "The Door Holding Game". A game you should all learn and play.

20th March: "The 12 Worst Song Lyrics Ever". A post I had planned for quite a while. Audio clips for the win.

I hope you enjoy reading any you might have missed.


  1. I think my favorite post would be your "I couldn't think of anything to post today." Haha!

  2. I liked that post too! Happy 100th!

  3. Happy 100th post! I'll drink a glass of wine ( or 3 ) for this occassion :)