Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Prague, Czech Republic: My Memoirs

The holiday started off quite adventurous with someone having an epileptic fit on the plane.

On the first night we got quite drunk in the rooms, using a £3.20 bottle of vodka and a £4.50 bottle of rum. I drunkenly threw myself around a bit much, cartwheels, handstands up walls, e.t.c.. until eventually I screwed my knee again.

After waking up with a hangover, we walked around the city, seeing the sites and stuff. On the second day, Leigh had had enough of walking, so we went into an Irish Bar while the girls went to the castle. We sat between two English stag groups.... during a football game.

It was pretty funny, they were having chant-offs, singing different football and patriotic songs... while me and Leigh sat there shocked. And then the penises started coming out... followed by cameras of females in the pub.

On the third day we did more pottering around. I quite like aimlessly walking around a city, with no real aim... I find I take more in, and find it a good time to relax and think, though Leigh wasn't too keen. I thought about how much Ash would love taking photos of the churches.

We had decided to go on a bar crawl on the third night. We went back to get changed, but ended up feeling like we had to finish all of the alcohol in the room. Can't let it go to waste. I would probably say that lead to me drinking more in this weekend than any other.

Obviously, Captain Vestman had to make an appearance.

But this time, he had a new nemesis/alter ego... Green Man.

After wandering around outside for a bit, Della noticed some people in a car watching. They flashed their lights... so I went over. He was there with a girl, obviously getting up to rude things. The guy was really confused, and said "What is this? Are there more of you?". I feel a bit bad for interrupting. Though I think he has quite a good story to tell people now.

We then watched out the window as he head disappeared and reappeared a few minutes later. I suppose that is a bit wrong of us.

By the end, Captain Vestman and Green Man had made peace.

All in all... the city was okay. It wasn't amazing, it doesn't slightly have the bars and clubs England does. The people seem quite nice, and the architecture is good, but there isn't that much to do.

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  1. the architecture itself made a really good photo op, I say. :D

    Your poses are world class! Awesome!:p