Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Leaving our First Home

At the end of July I signed the contact for a 6 month lease for mine and Brandi's first place together, for while she was here. She moved in in August, and we had a great time. Here are some pictorial memoirs...

Today I am handing my keys back. I moved back into my parents just before Christmas, after Brandi moved out on the 8th December.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Workplace pranks: Dave loving male genitalia

The other day, Dave printed out a returns invoice to send back a headguard because his head is too big for it. After printing it he left the document on his computer, and the paper folded on his desk. I quickly made some changes (read the last line), printed it out, and placed it folded in the original place.

I am immature, I know. I eagerly awaited him posting it.

They sent him a new head guard, with this attached.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years 2012 Resolutions

After writing them I pretty much didn't look at my 2011 resolutions. I hardly remember even writing them, so you can guess that I didn't really stick to them. I don't blame myself too much though, the year was so unpredictable that it's hard to plan something at the start that will stay relevant throughout.

So, my 2010 resolutions were:

1) Continue boxing. Improve on weaknesses and become a much better boxer than I am now.
I continued boxing until about August. After August I wanted to spend more time at home than the gym. Although I only drew one and lost one fight in 2011, I think I am a much, much better boxer than at the start of the year.

2) Cook something for my 100+ Things To Do Cookbook once a month.
This didn't happen. I will save this for when Brandi can help me do it.

3) Become a better programmer and create a website.
I worked with Dan and Mike to start a website. Things didn't go to plan throughout, and we all let it fade a bit. The website is still most definitely in my mind, and ready to make at some point, and I am sure when I made some progress Dan and Mike will be up for doing it again. I will, will, at some point, make a proper website.

4) Sort out those damn finances.
I don't really know whether to say this was a success or not. I spent a lot of money this year, but on worthwhile things. I have been saving fairly well for the wedding. For a few months of the year literally every penny I spent was logged (which made me spend less). If I find myself leaking money again this year I will do the same.

5) Cycle 50 miles.
This didn't happen.

6) Meet up with more friends that I don't see as often.
This probably happened less than usual. When everything started going rubbish at the start of the year, I didn't feel like I had that many people to speak to. It's always difficult to know who are "friends" and who aren't.

7) Arrange more fun things to do, so I spend less time just sitting in my room
I went out a few times. I didn't do much though. I don't really know who I would ask to do things with. I need to try and find out which people are up for doing fun things, and then think of some stuff to do.

8) Cross 5 things off the 100+ Things To Do List.
I managed 7!

9) Save for a mortgage.
I saved, though not for a mortgage. I ended up doing things a bit back-to-front... but the wedding saving is going fine.

2012 Resolutions:

1) Find out who my friends are and be loyal to them
Don't try and go out my way to make someone like me that isn't making any effort to get to know me. I will be a bit more selfish and not just go out because I feel like I should, or go out my way to please people. A lot of the time it doesn't seem to be noticed.

2) Try and further my knowledge in all areas
I find most things interesting, and my thirst for learning is more now than ever before. I've noticed my general knowledge has improved because of it too.

3) Notice when something is just my ego speaking, and learn to ignore it
If I find myself wanting to argue my point, I will try and decide whether it is actually worth it. Most of the time I have no need for someone to believe me about something, so I shouldn't get so offended when they don't. This goes for any suggestions/recommendations. If I think someone will like something, I will tell them. If they ignore it, or don't even appreciate the mention, then I will learn that they aren't someone I should consider recommending things to in future.

4) Start caring about my appearance again
I feel more out of shape now. I wear jeans and a tshirt all the time, and I never do my hair. This is partly down to the "can't be arsed with anything" attitude I got into last year, and ended up carrying on. This will have to change. I have started helping out with a boxing class lately, I just need to push myself more in it so I can get some fitness.

Pretty short and sweet, though I may add a couple of things over the next few days as I do some thinking.