Friday, 26 February 2010

First Week Boxing

This week I joined the boxing gym. My first personal training session was on Tuesday. I went in knowing I need to work on my cardio, and came out really knowing I need to work on my cardio. He tested my fitness, and although he said I wasn't bad for my first time doing inteval work, I know I need to be a lot better before I can consider competing.

By the end of the hour, and after many breaks which I couldn't help, I was sweating like a bitch. I was worried about getting a migraine, as whenever I do exercise I manage to get one, but when I got home I didn't have one. For the first hour. Argh. Ruined my night.

My second session was on Thursday, with a guy who is an undefeated unlicensed boxer. He seemed really happy that I said my main aim was to get into sparing and eventually have proper fights. He said it is unusal for someone to want to do that up front, most go there for an alternative way to keep fit. I find that quite surprising, that is the very main appeal to me.

After working with him for a while, he said that if I keep at it, there is a chance I could be in the June event, but if not I should definetly be good enough to by September. This made me muchos happy.

They both taught me a lot about boxing stances that I hadn't learned in my 6 months at MMA (though most of that was spent doing kickboxing and muay thai). And thankfully I didn't have a migraine Thursday night.

Fulfiling my new years resolution is looking positive at the moment. The next time I am going in is Sunday for a mixed class. I am going to work on my cardio before I go too intensive on technique.

FFFF: Celebrity Reef Competition, Bums!

Round 6 of FFFF (Famous Fit Female Friday, for those who are new), BUMS! I much prefer bums than boobs, so I expect to do well this week. A round that puts last week to shame. Although voting will mostly go on how good looking they are, give added points for how good their bum is.

As with the last few weeks, there will be a Viewers Choice award, announced some time during the weekend.

So, without any more talking, I will crack on with the photos.

Kayleigh Pearson bum ass
Kayleigh Pearson

Megan Fox bum ass
Megan Fox

Sasha Grey bum ass complilation montage
Sasha Grey

Kyle Minogue tennis girl bum ass
Kylie Minogue

Audrina Patridge  bum ass collage compilation
Audrina Patridge

Stacey Dash bum ass compilation montage
Stacey Dash

Irnia Sheik bum ass compilation montage
Irina Sheik

Danielle Lloyd bum ass compilation montage
Danielle Lloyd

Christina Aguilera bum ass compilation montage
Christina Aguilera

Jenifer Aniston bum ass compilation montage
Jennifer Aniston

Kim Kardashian bum ass compilation montage
Kim Kardashian

Jessica Biel bum ass compilation montage
Jessica Biel

Winner: Kayleigh Pearson
Runner up: Danielle Lloyd
Others: Kylie Minogue,
Kim Kardashian,
Jennifer Aniston,
Jessica Biel,
Sasha Grey,
Irina Sheik,
Christina Aguilera,
Mega Fox,
Audrina Patridge

"I picked a minger": Stacey Dash

Viewers Choice: Kayleigh Pearson

Next weeks category: Women in Sports

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

39) Start a clap after a plane landing

Here's the story of when I completed number 39 on my list... start a clap after a plane landing.

I was on a particularly turbulent flight to America, so as we came to land everyone was expecting rough bumps. When we touch the ground - nothing. It was as perfect as could be. Then the strangest thing happened... everyone on the aeroplane started clapping. While this was a pleasant thing to experience, it was kind of strange... I mean, you don't cheer a bus driver when he successfully pulls into the station. But nonetheless, it was nice.

This moment stuck with me the next time I landed in an aeroplane, where I hoped the same thing would happen... but nothing did. It wasn't until a few holidays later, when I had accepted it was just a strange one off, that out of nowhere it happened again. This time there were a few cheers. It wasn't even a particularly windy flight.

This got me thinking that it took someone special on the flight to start the clap... so I decided that special person would be me.

I found out this was easier said than done. The next flight I was on was to Poland. I was hyped up. Nothing could to stop me. The second those wheel touched the floor I would induce group clapping, nay, cheering. As the wheels hit the ground many thoughts went through my head. When do I start the clap? Do I start it as the wheels hit? Are we safe then, or should I wait till we have stopped? Is it probably too late when we stop, because usually they roll for a while- wait! No! I'm missing my chance... People are taking off their seat belts. I look across to see Mike looking at me waiting for me to clap, after all, he has promised to join me. My hands approach each other at rapid speed. Then something strange happens... they stop. And not due to the force of them meeting each other. Somebody has placed an invisible object between them. However much I push they will not go together. I look up, panicking, to see people starting to stand. I am missing my chance. It's too late now. If I start clapping I will just look weird. People will avoid me at the baggage collection. I've failed.

The shame stayed with me throughout the holiday. I forced a smile at times, but I wasn't really there. I was still on the flight... with my hands two inches from meeting. The thought wouldn't leave my head.

When we queued up to board the plane, I knew I wouldn't let the fear hold me back again. Whatever happens, as this plane touches the ground I will be clapping. The wings could be on fire, I could be strapped to my seat flying out the back hundreds of meters in the air... but as I see the glint in the distance of the plane landing my hands will be banging together in rapid succession.

The moment comes. I have decided I will clap a few seconds after it lands, as it starts to slow to a safe speed, but before it stops. I know the plan, Mike knows the plan, and soon the whole plane will love me. I prey for a smooth landing to get everyone in the mood. The pilot delivers. If I was to pull out now not only would I be letting myself down but I would be letting him down.

I look at Mike. A big smile spreads across my face as I start to clap. It starts off slow, then faster, and louder, and faster. Oh how I clap. The plane fills with the applause of happy travellers. I am on top of the world. I look across at Mike, who is clapping too... though I notice slightly slower, and a lot quieter, with a rather embarrassed look on his face. Reality hits me. A few people have propped themselves up, turned around and starring at me. I am a sole clapper. My hands slow down. I had been caught up in a moment of ecstasy, one which wasn't shared throughout the plane. I collect my bag and hurry off... defeated.

Months pass before Norway. I was given time to get over my shame. I couldn't let this list item, something that seemed so trivial, defeat me. Even Mike started to doubt me, but as a true friend he promised to be with me till the clapping ends.

I looked around the plane. It was full of the usual people, most for business, a few for pleasure, one of which a family with a small child who made it clear she was scared of flying. Its a tough crowd. I visualise the plan. Many thoughts rush through my head. It's quite a late flight, so will people be too tired to clap? Will the little girls family clap, or be too busy trying to calm her? Will I have the guts to go through with it, or will flashbacks of Poland stop me?

The wheels hit the floor. I slowly count to three.

1... It seems like eternity...

2... a bead of sweat forms on my brow...

3... - I explode into a a thunderous clap...

The plane erupts. Passengers fill the isles with explosive applause. Everyone's won the lottery! England have won the world cup! The Pope declared another Christmas! Everyone cheers, but this time it isn't in my head. I make eye contact with the little girl, who now has a big smile. Her dad even whoops, which fires off a Mexican wave of whoops throughout. I am a hero. A king. A god. I have crossed off number 39.

Yesterday I thought I saw a great idea...

I went to the toilets in the Bullring, and because I was carrying lots of bags I decided to go into the cubicle as it is easier.

When I got in there I was shocked and amazed to see that inside the cubicle was a sink, taps and a mirror. It was luxury! I had to check I wasn't in the disabled toilets. This meant I could wash my hands, and do my hair in the mirror without feeling vain (as its all secrety).

I thought this was the best idea I've seen in a long time... until I walked out of the toilet to dry my hands... to the disgusted looks from people who think I'm drying the piss off my hands, and not the water from the tap inside the cubicle.


*image not the exact one from the toilets. I felt silly trying to take a photo of a toilet while people were watching.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cooking: French Chicken in White Wine Sauce and Potato Dauphinoise

On Sunday me and Melissa decided to cook together. I let her decide the recipe. It went as follows:

Ingredients (for 2 people - though far too much):

Chicken in White Wine Sauce
- 2 tablespoons butter
- 3 chicken breasts
- 1 medium onion (finely chopped)
- 1 medium carrot (finely chopped)
- 1 celery stick (finely chopped)
- 2 ounces of prosciutto (finely chopped)
- 3/4 glass dry white wine
- 3/4 cup chicken stock
- 1 cup of heavy cream
- chopped fresh parsley

Potato Dauphinoise
- 4 small potatoes (peeled and sliced)
- 1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)
- 1 cup of heavy cream
- 400g medium cheese

1) Start making the potatoes by slicing and boiling in a pan for 15 mins

2) When slightly soft, drain potatoes and mash with butter, cream and garlic. Place in oven for 45 mins (200 degrees).

3) Put salt and petter on chicken and put in frying pan until it has started going white. Then remove chicken and place to the side.

4) Keeping some of the fat in the pan, add onion, carrot, celery, prosciutto and sauté until vegetables soft and onions brown.

5) Add the wine and chicken stock and stir.

6) Re-add the chicken, bring liquid to a boil, then cover and cook for 20-25 mins.

7) Part way through cooking the potatoes, take out of onion and grate 200g of cheese over the top.

8) Once the chicken has simmered for 20-25 mins, remove lid and remove chicken.

9) Bring the liquid to the boil again, reducing the liquid to a thicker sauce.

10) Add the cream, parsley, and perhaps add flower if it is too runny. Continue cooking slightly.

11) Remove potato from over and serve on plate. Put chicken breasts next to it, and spoon the sauce over the top. Grate cheese over the top.

The food was a great success. Melissa liked it, but I think that's because she cooked it and not just me. There was far too much to eat though! It is much, much nicer than it photographs.

A bulb is for growing, a lamp is for glowing.

The lights went out yesterday at work, prompting the electricians to be called in. Two men turned up in a large, fluorescent yellow van, and how they do not have a TV program is beyond me.

They turned up with amazing quotes, such as when my boss said he had checked to see if a bulb had gone, he was told "You cant call it a bulb. A bulb is what a plant grows out of. Don't say bulb. A bulb is for growing, a lamp is for glowing". Hopefully we can all learn something by those wise words.

He then went back downstairs to find the fuse board, which is high up in the kitchen. We were told off, as he wanted to know how he was going to reach that in his wheel chair (and even though I saw him walk up three floors of spiral stairs, I still had to look down to confirm he wasn't in a wheel chair).

The smallest things they said to each other was making me giggle. The small comments they had between them couldn't have been scripted better. At some point he commented, saying I was quite smiley, but anyone would be if they had just met the greatest electrician comedy duo.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Urban Exploring Added to List

In my next 100-things-to-do update I will be adding a new item... 'Explore 10 derelict buildings'.

Until Saturday I had no interest in doing this. Not because I didn't want to, but because the thought had never crossed my mind. I have never broke into a closed/derelict building, even when a couple of my friends had when I was younger. On Saturday, the location of the photoshoot was a derelict hotel. I found it really surreal and fascenating. It had different rooms like kitchens, ball rooms and skittle alleys, but completley deserted. It was like something out of a thriller. Something about an abandoned building is so weird.

I asked how he managed to find it, and he told me there is a website dedicated to derelict buildings. It is a forum, called 28 Days Later. It is seperated into categories such as industrial, hospital/asylum, theatres, underground and others.

Here are a few places that I thought looked fascinating:

Derby Hippodrome

West park Asylum

Glasgow Public Baths

Train Graveyard, Coventry

Kwik Save, Gloucester

Catacombs, Birmingham

I will keep an eye out now for ones that are in driving distance. I would love to go into an abandoned asylum, though I would probably really regret it as I walk in.

Ps. If anyone wants to join me, please do!

Joined the Boxing Gym!

Today I was feeling proactive, and finally got around to joining another boxing gym. It was one of this months aims, and working towards my new years resolution of starting boxing, with aim to do it somewhat competitively by Christmas.

I am quite excited. I have a personal training session tomorrow with an experienced amateur boxer, and then another on Thursday with an undefeated unlicensed boxer.

The place, Fighting Fit City Gym, does all sorts of classes, from fitness, to Thai and MMA classes, to white collar boxing classes. I am aiming to work up to the white collar sparring classes, because I want to twat a financial consultant. No reason.

I'm not usually one to quit things, unless they turn repetitive and the interest is lost. I really enjoyed doing MMA, but then each class became samey, and there was no hope of doing sparing or any competitive element. Hopefully I will not look back at this post in a few months, after only going twice.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Two pictures from yesterdays photoshoot

I might put a couple more up later.

A Busy Saturday!

Saturday was fun but very busy. I woke up at 6:45 to drive to Stroud for a photoshoot. It was fun, and hopefully there will be some good pictures. I did some topless ones, which I have never done before... and some in just boxers, which I had never really considered before!!

I then picked up Melissa and we went to Telford. In the park there is one of those spidery things, but it's bigger than any I've seen before... so I felt I had to conquer it!

Look at me go...

Victory. This must be how the Allys felt in 1945.

Then Melissa, who says she did it when she was younger, tried...

.. and gave up about a meter from the ground. I shouldn't laugh :p

So we decided to go ice skating!

Was fun. I wanted to learn how to skate backwards... and I pretty much can now... it is on the list to do a lap around backwards. Thankfully, I hardly fell over... but missing hitting the ice I decided to do this..

[ Video coming soon]

... It was worth it.

Driving home we got stuck for 2 hours because they decided to close the M6.. damn them. We flicked through different radio channels, one was a funny Indian one and the guy kept going 'bub bub bub bub... har har har har'. Then we listened to Radio 3, to a program about some kid who's mom killed himself, he went to live with his nan but they both turned mental and killed the social worker. Kind of put a downer on the rest of the night.

Then I woke up at 3:00 for UFC! Whoop!

Friday, 19 February 2010

FFFF: Over 50s

Round 5 of Famous Fit Female Friday. I am not happy about this category. It took me all week of searching to find a woman over 50 that I thought was 'fit'. I had got pretty desperate, and now have search history entries of things like 'Swedish Olympic team 1984', 'most plastic surgery', and a low point in my life... 'over 50 porn stars'.

As with last week, there will be a viewers choice, so get voting.

Rebecca De Mornay
Rebecca De Mornay

Ellen Barkin picture
Ellen Barkin

Sharon Stone picture
Sharon Stone

Kim Cattrall picture
Kim Cattrall

Nigella Lawson picture
Nigella Lawson

Christie Brinkley  picture
Christie Brinkley

Michelle Pfiffer picture
Michelle Pfeiffer

Fiona Phillips picture
Penny Smith

Jane Seymour picture
Jane Seymour

Kim Basinger picture
Kim Basinger

Jeniffer Tilly picture
Jeniffer Tilly

Rene Russo picture
Rene Russo

Winner: Kim Cattral - 19 points
Runner up: Rebecca De Mornay - 14 points
Others: Nigella Lawson - 12 points
Sharon Stone - 12 points
Jane Seymour - 7 points
Jeniffer Tilly - 6 points
Michelle Pfeiffer - 6 points
Rene Russo - 5 points
Christine Brinkley - 2 points

"I picked a minger" Award: Ellen Barkin - 0 points
Kim Basinger - 0 points
Fiona Phillips - 0 points

Views Choice: Nigella Lawson

Next weeks category: Celebrity Reef Competition (pictures must be showing their bum, clothed or unclothed)