Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A bulb is for growing, a lamp is for glowing.

The lights went out yesterday at work, prompting the electricians to be called in. Two men turned up in a large, fluorescent yellow van, and how they do not have a TV program is beyond me.

They turned up with amazing quotes, such as when my boss said he had checked to see if a bulb had gone, he was told "You cant call it a bulb. A bulb is what a plant grows out of. Don't say bulb. A bulb is for growing, a lamp is for glowing". Hopefully we can all learn something by those wise words.

He then went back downstairs to find the fuse board, which is high up in the kitchen. We were told off, as he wanted to know how he was going to reach that in his wheel chair (and even though I saw him walk up three floors of spiral stairs, I still had to look down to confirm he wasn't in a wheel chair).

The smallest things they said to each other was making me giggle. The small comments they had between them couldn't have been scripted better. At some point he commented, saying I was quite smiley, but anyone would be if they had just met the greatest electrician comedy duo.

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