Tuesday, 9 February 2010

omglan: The Real Meaning

People always want to know what omglan means. So here is the real meaning:

A few years ago one of my friends was a well respected member of poetry forum. Being the emo he was, he used to post short poems, which were rammed off by the other forum members. After a few years he became an admin on the forum, and had a fanbase which had grown rapidly.

One day he recieved an email from a member called Ian saying how much he loved he poems, and how he felt they really touched him and he had to meet him. My friend was a bit shy, and being under 16 he didn't think it was safe to meet him, so in the most polite way possible he refused.

After a few email exchanges with my friend still refusing, Ian got more and more annoyed. He told my friend he would never leave him alone until he met him. After further threatening behavour my friend banned him from the forum.

Everything was quiet for a few weeks... until he got a phone call, saying "I will find you" in a whispered voiced. However much we told him it wasn't us, he was certain we were tricking him. We told him he should go to the police, but he thought nothing of it... until he recieved a letter though his door two weeks later. The letter just had written on it "Found you", signed by 'Ian'. This shit him up quite a lot, and he went to the police, who said they would look into it.

We were all meant to be going over to his house the one evenings after school, after we had gone back to get changed. We met at the park and walked over to his house. His door was swung open, and nobody seemed to be home. Thinking he had been burgled, we rushed in to see if everything was okay. I was the first into his bedroom, to see my friend lieing on the ground dead, after an obviously vicious knife attack. There was a lot of blood, but I noticed that in his last breathes he had managed to write 'Ian' on his computer monitor.

I shouted for my friends who rushed in. One of them, obviously shocked, shouted 'OH MY GOD...' then his eyes went to the moniter, and he said, confused "... LAN..?". We all had a big laugh and went home.

... from then on we always called ourselves omglan, said as 'oh my god lan'.

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