Friday, 26 February 2010

First Week Boxing

This week I joined the boxing gym. My first personal training session was on Tuesday. I went in knowing I need to work on my cardio, and came out really knowing I need to work on my cardio. He tested my fitness, and although he said I wasn't bad for my first time doing inteval work, I know I need to be a lot better before I can consider competing.

By the end of the hour, and after many breaks which I couldn't help, I was sweating like a bitch. I was worried about getting a migraine, as whenever I do exercise I manage to get one, but when I got home I didn't have one. For the first hour. Argh. Ruined my night.

My second session was on Thursday, with a guy who is an undefeated unlicensed boxer. He seemed really happy that I said my main aim was to get into sparing and eventually have proper fights. He said it is unusal for someone to want to do that up front, most go there for an alternative way to keep fit. I find that quite surprising, that is the very main appeal to me.

After working with him for a while, he said that if I keep at it, there is a chance I could be in the June event, but if not I should definetly be good enough to by September. This made me muchos happy.

They both taught me a lot about boxing stances that I hadn't learned in my 6 months at MMA (though most of that was spent doing kickboxing and muay thai). And thankfully I didn't have a migraine Thursday night.

Fulfiling my new years resolution is looking positive at the moment. The next time I am going in is Sunday for a mixed class. I am going to work on my cardio before I go too intensive on technique.

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