Friday, 26 February 2010

FFFF: Celebrity Reef Competition, Bums!

Round 6 of FFFF (Famous Fit Female Friday, for those who are new), BUMS! I much prefer bums than boobs, so I expect to do well this week. A round that puts last week to shame. Although voting will mostly go on how good looking they are, give added points for how good their bum is.

As with the last few weeks, there will be a Viewers Choice award, announced some time during the weekend.

So, without any more talking, I will crack on with the photos.

Kayleigh Pearson bum ass
Kayleigh Pearson

Megan Fox bum ass
Megan Fox

Sasha Grey bum ass complilation montage
Sasha Grey

Kyle Minogue tennis girl bum ass
Kylie Minogue

Audrina Patridge  bum ass collage compilation
Audrina Patridge

Stacey Dash bum ass compilation montage
Stacey Dash

Irnia Sheik bum ass compilation montage
Irina Sheik

Danielle Lloyd bum ass compilation montage
Danielle Lloyd

Christina Aguilera bum ass compilation montage
Christina Aguilera

Jenifer Aniston bum ass compilation montage
Jennifer Aniston

Kim Kardashian bum ass compilation montage
Kim Kardashian

Jessica Biel bum ass compilation montage
Jessica Biel

Winner: Kayleigh Pearson
Runner up: Danielle Lloyd
Others: Kylie Minogue,
Kim Kardashian,
Jennifer Aniston,
Jessica Biel,
Sasha Grey,
Irina Sheik,
Christina Aguilera,
Mega Fox,
Audrina Patridge

"I picked a minger": Stacey Dash

Viewers Choice: Kayleigh Pearson

Next weeks category: Women in Sports


  1. No thumbing in softies!

    1. Jennifer Aniston
    2. Kylie Minogue
    3. Sasha Grey

  2. 1.Jennifer Aniston
    2. Jessica Biel
    3.Kayleigh Pearson

  3. John Cox said:
    Where did Megan Fox appear from!!!!!!
    1. Megaqn Fox
    3. Jennifer Aniston
    3. Jessica Biel

  4. i would vote for my submission over any of this lot. And it looks like some people watch too much friends 'cos that shot's rubbish. And, i'm sure it'll be illegal to vote for that jailbait sasha.

    1. Kayleigh Pearson
    2. Christina Aguilera
    3. Danielle Lloyd

  5. i love the way this is topical with the news trying to ban lads mags and music videos!

  6. 1. Kim Kardashian (based on that pic anyway)
    2. Kayleigh Pearson
    3. Megan Fox

  7. Leon said...

    Is Megan Fox squeezing a difficult fart out... and there are bubbles around Aguilera's bottom so she is definitely squeezing the cheese!

  8. Leon also said...

    are Kayleigh Pearson and Danielle Lloyd the same person?

  9. 1. Christina Aguleria
    2. Jennifer Aniston
    3. Jessica Biel
    3. Kylie Minogue
    4. Danielle Lloyd
    5. Sasha Grey, lol she is proper dirty

    Megan Fox is over hyped.

  10. 1. Sasha Grey
    2. Kylie Minogue
    3. Kim Kardashian (whoever she is)

  11. 1. Irina Sheik
    2. Kim Kardashian
    3. Kayleigh Pearson - although she does look a little air brushed!

    I would vote Christina purely because I love that woman and would turn gay for her but you picked an awful pic!
    And Megan Fox.. She looks like shes bout to try pass a brick! Completely overrated!!

  12. 1.Danielle Lloyd
    2.Megan Fox
    3.Lucy pinder

  13. I love Sasha Grey and Christina Aguilara's asses.

  14. Kayleigh Pearson
    Stacey Dash
    Irina Sheik

    Megan Fox is SO overrated!

  15. Kylie's bottom is tops!

  16. Kylie looks cool showing off her bare bottom.