Monday, 22 February 2010

Joined the Boxing Gym!

Today I was feeling proactive, and finally got around to joining another boxing gym. It was one of this months aims, and working towards my new years resolution of starting boxing, with aim to do it somewhat competitively by Christmas.

I am quite excited. I have a personal training session tomorrow with an experienced amateur boxer, and then another on Thursday with an undefeated unlicensed boxer.

The place, Fighting Fit City Gym, does all sorts of classes, from fitness, to Thai and MMA classes, to white collar boxing classes. I am aiming to work up to the white collar sparring classes, because I want to twat a financial consultant. No reason.

I'm not usually one to quit things, unless they turn repetitive and the interest is lost. I really enjoyed doing MMA, but then each class became samey, and there was no hope of doing sparing or any competitive element. Hopefully I will not look back at this post in a few months, after only going twice.

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  1. Joining a boxing gym is easy. This is great if you want to commit to going to a gym every month. Thanks for sharing.