Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Yesterday I left £10 in the cash point...

... at the time I just pretended it didn't effect me.. I just laughed it off. Who knows, maybe I even convinced myself it didn't matter. I mean, it wasn't as bad as when I left £30 in the cash point (which ruined the next two months). I put it out of my mind... and thought nothing of it ...

And then I woke up crying in the night* thinking about what that £10 could have been spent on...

... Maybe sponsoring an African child for a month?

... Maybe a lady-boy for a night?

... maybe return flights to Poland?

... or maybe even 1,000 penny sweets **

So as you see, £10 could have made my life much better. You only realise how much something means to you when you lose it.

* Maybe not literally crying
** I miss them.. those poor victims of the recession.

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