Monday, 22 February 2010

Urban Exploring Added to List

In my next 100-things-to-do update I will be adding a new item... 'Explore 10 derelict buildings'.

Until Saturday I had no interest in doing this. Not because I didn't want to, but because the thought had never crossed my mind. I have never broke into a closed/derelict building, even when a couple of my friends had when I was younger. On Saturday, the location of the photoshoot was a derelict hotel. I found it really surreal and fascenating. It had different rooms like kitchens, ball rooms and skittle alleys, but completley deserted. It was like something out of a thriller. Something about an abandoned building is so weird.

I asked how he managed to find it, and he told me there is a website dedicated to derelict buildings. It is a forum, called 28 Days Later. It is seperated into categories such as industrial, hospital/asylum, theatres, underground and others.

Here are a few places that I thought looked fascinating:

Derby Hippodrome

West park Asylum

Glasgow Public Baths

Train Graveyard, Coventry

Kwik Save, Gloucester

Catacombs, Birmingham

I will keep an eye out now for ones that are in driving distance. I would love to go into an abandoned asylum, though I would probably really regret it as I walk in.

Ps. If anyone wants to join me, please do!


  1. Im joining you! camera ready, wellys ready, snacks ready!
    Im up for asylum and train graveyard, not in the dark though!!

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  3. I'd happily go round an asylum or hospital. I dont fancy KwikSave though

  4. I'll keep an eye out for some things in easy travelling distance and let you know.