Monday, 1 February 2010

January Review

In relation to the New Years resolutions and The List:

  • Built shelf for alcohol cupboard
  • Seen friends I haven't seen in a while
  • Wrote blog regularly
  • Got bike fixed and been on gym exercise bike
  • Made decent progress on website (more to write soon...)
  • Booked a holiday abroad (more to write soon...)
  • Cooked twice
  • Entered into another dodgeball tournament (more to write soon...)
  • Haven't had stupidly long lie-ins
  • Hardly been to the gym
  • Haven't started managing money
  • Haven't made a list of moral English companies
  • Haven't played Guitar Hero much to learn drum rhythm
  • Only read 1/4 of my book
  • Haven't started to learn IPA
  • Haven't crossed anything off list yet
So-so... started off well but got lazy. Must make new aims and follow them better.

Aims for February:
  1. Get website working fully, minus any design/styling
  2. Finish off book, and start new one
  3. Cook twice
  4. Install money managing program
  5. Get photos on computer up to date
  6. Play Guitar Hero a bit more
  7. Bring stamina up and join a boxing gym
  8. Compile a list of moral British Companies
  9. Cross at least 1 thing off list.

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