Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Alcohol Collection and The Shelf

It has only taken me nearly a month... but the shelf is completed. Anyone who saw the original plans will notice that during the cutting and putting together it lost a lot of the complexity... but I still class myself as a carpenter nonetheless. This is me following my granddads path!

The shelf was built partly to be the first non-flat-pack thing I have made, and to hold my alcohol collection! Anyway, here is the shelf, with special thanks to Neil and my dad for the help :D

Okay.. so I could have gave it another coat of paint, but I wanted it to be finished by January... and I was cutting it pretty fine as it was. But look.. it fits perfectly!!

Now for the alcohol collection. I think it is quite impressive, though I'm sure some don't.

For anyone who actually cares, here is the latest inventory take:
  • 21 year old Bowmore whisky (70cl)
  • Bannana Liquer (3x 50cl)
  • Apple Sourz (2x 70cl)
  • Apple Micky Finns (2x 50cl)
  • Jack Daniels (70cl)
  • Morgan Spiced (70cl)
  • Morgan Black Rum (70cl)
  • Bacardi (70cl)
  • Southern COmfort (70cl)
  • Apple Schnapps (1l)
  • Karmasuitra Vodka (50cl)
  • White Tequila (50cl)
  • Gold Tequila (50cl)
  • Absolut Peach Vodka (70cl)
  • Jagermeister (50cl)
  • Blue Curaco (2x 50cl)
  • Malibu (70cl)
  • Skittles Vodka (2x 70cl)
  • Amaretto (70cl)
  • Limoncello (35cl)
  • Lemoncella (75cl)
  • Cointreau (50cl)
  • Baileys (1l)
  • Cognac (70cl)
  • Angostura Aromatic Bitters (20cl)
  • Creme de menth (2x 50cl)
  • Triple Sec (2x 50cl)
  • Creme de cassis (50cl)
  • White Sambuca (1l)
  • Bells (1l)
  • Moet Champagne (1l)
  • Martini Dry (1l)
  • Vermouth Bianco (1l)
  • Sake (72cl)
  • Irish Knights Cream (70cl)
  • Scrumpy Cloucy Cider (2l)
  • Wine (10 bottles)
  • Fosters (crate)
  • Carling (crate)
  • Strongbow (crate)
  • Grenadine Syrup (2x 75cl)
  • Assortment of normal and foreign ciders
  • Assortment of beers
  • Assortment of alcopops
  • Minature spirit bottles (13x 10cl)
  • Crazy-ass Thai Red Bull


  1. Ahh so this is the wood you were talking about!

  2. Nice Collection, How much did u pay for the 21 Year Old Bowmore, must of been pricey. Apple Sourz = Liquid Diabetes.

  3. The Bowmore cost £100, was distilled the summer I was born, and bottled the summer I was 21 :D