Friday, 8 January 2010

Cover your face when you type to me

Today I had a funny revelation. I ocassionally speak to someone online, that I have never met. I had seen 10ish photos and she was pretty but not really my type, not that it mattered either way. I decided to Google her name, to see what I can find out (I would be an amazing stalker). She has quite an uncommon name, so it wasn't too difficult. I was quite shocked to find that the pictures I was sent wasn't actually her. She confessed, and said it's her friend... and thought I wouldn't speak to her again.

I am not shallow enough to not speak to people I don't find attractive. I understand that she was in a bit of a catch-22 (hard to explain, but the means of contact meant she needed the better pictures), so she wasn't directly tricking me... but I don't understand why people would feel they would need to use a photo of somebody else.

It hasn't really bothered me, I will still talk to her.. and without whining about trust issues... I just hope I don't come across as being shallow enough to care about how attractive people I speak to ara.

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