Friday, 1 January 2010

News Years 2010 Resolutions

I see new years as an important time for self improvement, and as such take resolutions quite seriously. I realise I won't succeed in all, but will try to as much as possible!

1) Continue being patriotic. Start using correct English spellings (realise instead of realize, organise instead of organize)

2) Start investing in moral British companies.

3) Have no more than 8.5 hours sleep.

4) Start boxing, with the intention of sparing somewhat competitively by next year.

5) Learn the drums.

6) Cook something exciting twice a month.

7) Make a website.

8) Start to pronunciate correctly. No more lazy talking and mumbling.

9) Sort out my finances.

10) Try and read a book a month.

11) Start riding bike, with the intention of completing a 50 mile bike ride soon.

12) Although I don't really do it, exaggerate less.

13) Have less tolerance for people pissing me off.

14) Start creatively writing in some way.

15) Be nicer to friends, cultivate more relationships.

16) Learn IPA (international phonetic alphabet).

17) Keep traveling. Try and go to at least 4 countries.

18) Not take things like off the cuff comments to heart as much.

19) Make this year even better than the next!

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