Monday, 11 January 2010

Religion and My Polytheism

I am not religious. I have always questioned the inconsistencies, and even in year two didn't accept the priests answer of 'nobody made him, he was just there...'. In the same way, I don't believe in the Big Bang theory, as it also has too many holes. I haven't read enough about evolution, but I doubt it highly due to many of the unexplained areas.

I think people who blindly believe in creationism, discounting all fair arguments in favour of 'faith', are just as stupid as those who think our origins can be explained by any current theory (big bang, holographic theory, bubble universe etc), completely discounting any 'outside/higher' help.

There has been countless times in history when large people have had no doubt of something, only to find a phenomenal change in their beliefs (e.g. Earth not being flat, or the Arctic Highlanders who thought they were the only people on the planet). Learning from history, it would be stupid to think that will never happen again.

We have no more insight into religion now than there was 2000 years ago. Nobody now believes Apollo brings the Sun, and Poseidon controls the water, but there is nothing to say our 'god' is any more valid than these. And at least Greek mythology provided interesting stories.

I have always liked Polytheism. I find it nicer to think that aspects of things are controlled different, conflicting gods. It runs on the same principals of faith, superstition and chance, but allows for more interesting answers. When thousands of people are killed in a natural disaster, Christians find it hard to explain why 'God' would allow that... with Polytheism it could be a worse god who is punishing people.

I would like to develop my own Polytheism, a more modern Greek set up, though not as a religion to follow, but because the stories are more exciting.

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