Thursday, 21 January 2010

I'm a Star! Or at least, I have a star!

Today I registered the star my sister bought me for Christmas. I chose to have it in the coolest constellation known to man... Hercules (even though he kind of looks a bit like Thumb Boy with a sword)!

Not only is it in Hercules... it is the heart of Hercules, as shown by the Google Earth pin!

If we zoom in... you can even see it!! It's not quite the big bright one in the middle (who would want that one anyway... its tacky...), but the one slightly up from it!

And here it is! My amazing new star. Trionell 'omglan' Blackspeed!!

It is probably the coolest star in the sky. If ever our Sun blows up I can go and live on Trionell. For the star gazers of you, it is Hercules 17h 6m 49.08s 31 25' 44.17"

And as proof...

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  1. You were always a star to me, but now it's official! ;)