Monday, 24 December 2012

Mine and Brandi's Christmas Present!

In May 2011 my awesome Ford Cougar retired. The unsensible amount of petrol it took didn't match my more sensible life-changes, and I had to change it for a little Ford Ka. Although I knew when anybody looked in they expected to see a girl (and once, when I left a blond wig in my car from new years, a few Asian guys who beeped at me half-did. Best reaction ever when they realised), driving it made me feel responsible!

I didn't mind driving it too much. One speaker was broken, and the CD player rarely worked, so I had gotten used to using headphones... which was actually more comforting than hearing the noises the car made at 70mph, but aside from all of the problems, it was cheap, which suited me!

The last half of 2012 has brought many changes. One of which is more money. So, as a Christmas present to Brandi and myself, we have bought a new car!

It took us quite a lot of research to decide which car to get... it was between the Audi A1, Peugeot 208 and the Kia Rio 3.. but after testing the Rio (and Steve being much nicer than the arrogant Audi bloke) there was no competition. It seemed like the nicest, best value car, and has all the features that only came on the top models of the other cars..

This is my first "new car"... and is awesome! I was actually driving along listening to music on my phone, without the use of a little speaker or headphones... and then I took a call over Bluetooth. These may seem like normal things to most people with cars... but going from a 12 year old car to a 2 hour old car it was luxury!

Brandi will learn to drive manual soon in it (and probably completely destroy the gearbox in the process) so then I will even be able to go out and drink again, and her drive back!