Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Third Boxing Fight

Back in July I had my third boxing fight. I wrote a post just before saying I was quite confident. I was. Despite not having much chance to train, I felt like I had improved a lot from my last fight, and a huge amount from my first fight. Regardless, on the night things didn't quite go my way.

I fought at the Burlington Hotel in Birmingham. It was an event put on for charity, by one of Birminghams law firms. Most of the fights involved one of the many boxers that work there (it must be a job that leads to a lot of anger).

When I came out (they cut the start off my music which really pissed me off) I was boo'd, a lot. It was more of a pantomime situation, as it happened in all fights. Every time I hit him I was boo'd, and every time he hit me he was cheered. I started enjoying the boo's, as it meant I was doing something right. I had no support there as tickets cost £100 each.

Personally, I think the scoring was questionable, but regardless, for some reason I fought again without raising my hands. For some reason I feel a lot more relaxed when my hands are low. It makes me feel like I can slip punches easier, but it means I get hit a lot more, which attributed to him winning it 30 - 25.

Here is a video and pictures:

You can see the full, uncut (apart from the entrances) fight here.

Monday, 3 October 2011

15) Paint a painting

On the 11th of September me and Brandi decided we would paint. We bought a couple of canvases, some paint and a set of brushes. We readied the table with cookies, knives and sink scrubbers (for effect), forgetting any newspaper. We set the atmosphere with alcohol and 'trippy music' and began painting.

We decided to go abstract, for obvious reasons.

I was ready to attack the canvas with akimbo brushes

Brandi prepares her mind

This sort of thing can't be done wearing trousers.

Brandi's complete painting.

My complete painting.

I am willing to admit that Brandi's painting looks a lot better than mine. Hers looks like something you could possibly buy in a shop, and mine looks like something your child brings home from primary school. BUT... mine has a lot more meaning. I shall go into detail.

A) A big 1.
B) A big 'V'. Roman numerals for '5'. With the '1' before it, it becomes '1 5', number 15 on my list. It isn't 4 in Roman numerals, or it wouldn't be overlapping the 'V'.

C) C in Roman numerals, meaning '100'. This is for my 100 things to do list.

D) My 'life line', running right through the painting. This attaches to my 'C', 100 things to do list, as that helps spur my life on, keeping me doing things.

E) F) G) H) My family initials, when using the huge 'V' becomes 'JACK V', an old password we used to use for family things.

I) A sign for infinite, which again comes from my 'C', 100 things to do list. This is to symbolise me not dying.

J) A planet, also coming from the 100 things to do list to symbolise my travelling.

K) The colours of the Captain Vestman vest. The colour is the background to C, I and J, as they all relate.

L) Clearing coming off my Life Line, is a 'B', making the initials BV for Brandi Vogstad.

M) To show my immature side, I have drawn a big long abstract penis in blue.

N) My favourite colours outlining a corner of the painting.

There are a few other things to do with different colours, but an artist shouldn't reveal everything.

And here is the magnificent piece of art in all it's high resolution glory. 

They are currently both hanging on the walls in our house.