Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Second Boxing Fight

Here are the good pictures from my second fight. I can't remember what the score was, but I drew. I felt a bit disappointed because I felt like I should have won it. Towards the end I had a decent point difference, but was aware of it so I went on the defensive to maintain it, instead of continuing doing what I did to get it.

Before the fight I didn't feel too confident. I felt like I hadn't eaten enough, so didn't have enough energy, and I felt like I didn't warm up enough before. It has taught me a lot for the next fight.

There is a video at the bottom.

Last minute talk.

That low left hand. Looking to pick a shot.

For some reason I decided to go for a Floyd Mayweather guard. No idea why. Haven't done it before.

I don't remember what he said.

Trying to keep my cool.


Hopefully this was a right hook.

If in doubt, resort to wrestling.

Loading up.

Super dooper double punch!

I'm pretty sure this went right through his head. Hax.

My poor ribs. I was actually worried he was going to break them a few days before I fly to Brazil (probably because everyone told me he would).

Me getting hit. Sadface.

Jabba jabba!

Fight photo with the sponsor. He looks pimp.

And here is the video:

My entrance was the oldschool Batman theme, and in the video you can hear my mom saying that she doesn't like me boxing haha.


  1. Superman is definitely my favourite one of these :)