Thursday, 22 May 2014


I like when people have "things". The world becomes a much more interesting place when people have "things". Yesterday I walked past a guy with a spiked earring and a large hula hoop over his shoulder.

At a first glance people may be like "that's weird, what's he doing with that hula hoop?", which is actually a pretty silly question. There are only so many answers that would make sense. He could be transporting it... or may just like to hula hoop. Either way... it made my walk more interesting.

"Things" are a lot more prominent when you are young. In cartoons and childrens TV programs people always have a "thing" to distinguish characters. Noddy has a weird hat. Super Ted has a superhero costume. I'm sure there are better examples you can find yourself. As we get older, though, it seems like we expect everybody to look the same, and anyone who doesn't, or does anything that may stand out is maybe a little weird (unless they're famous enough to get away with it). I grew up watching early 90's Wrestling, where you had to have a thing to be remembered at all.

At the moment I have a "thing"... I now wear headbands (or... buffs, to be exact). This is because my hair is too long, and I got annoyed keep brushing it out of my face. Having my hair cut might be a good option, but I quite like having long hair. A few years ago I was thinking about having it short, and was upset because I thought that if I have it short I'll probably never grow it long again. I should stop thinking like that... so definitive.

At the moment I have 3 buffs. Two I designed myself (a Captain Vestman buff, and an earth one), and one official one, that I don't actually like as much.

I get quite a lot of looks and comments wearing them. Almost never positive. Nobody ever says "that's a good thing!", but I won't be deterred. I actually quite like the negative comments, it shows people care. "Rambo" comes up often... which can't really be an insult. At first I thought I'd just use them for walking and running, but yesterday I found myself on site with a client wearing it. After the initial "Jimmy Hendricks?", it wasn't mentioned again.

So... in conclusion... I encourage everybody to have a thing. Or not... either way. But ask yourself this, would a walk down a completely immemorable street, on an entirely immemorable day, would it be made just a tiny bit better by walking past a person fully clad in medieval armour?