Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I've always wanted 4 children. I wanted to have two boys and two girls... but only so there wouldn't be just one of the gender. That way, there wouldn't be an odd one out. I got lucky meeting Brandi, because she also wanted 4 children.

Amelie is now 1 year and 17 months. That time has gone really fast, and she's growing up to be awesome. Over the months she's had many funny, temporary things, such as calling me "Andeh" in a Northern accent when she was about 10 months, to, currently, running around after the dog shouting "ey, ey, naughty, ey, good girl, come, come, ey, down, naughty, down, good girl". Lula (the dog) doesn't quite know how to respond.

Naturally, we wanted to get a move on with the next baby. I had started to get a little nervous that I wouldn't have enough time to spend with them if we had a second. I'm really busy with work, and trying to get the business really going, and Amelie would play all day given the chance... but that is probably what most parents, think, so I put it out of my mind. 

In August we got the good news, that baby number 2 was on the way. In October, I got the much more shocking news, that baby number 3 was also on the way.

I never, ever thought I would have twins, let alone identical ones! They will also be girls (or 'Twincesses'...), so I am pretty outnumbered now. Not that I mind at all. Just before we had Amelie I had said that I wanted a girl, and had since thought that I'd love to have 4 girls.

Two things are for sure though... this year is going to be very difficult... as will 2030.