Tuesday, 3 May 2011

113) Find 10 geocaches: Part 2 & 3

If you want to read about what Geocaching is (and if you don't know I highly recommend it), you can read my first post about it here...

Part 2: Clent with Brandi

As part of mine and Brandi's first date, we went for a walk to Clent Hills. I love geocaching because it gives you a bit more of a purpose than just wandering aimlessly, and then you are happy when you find one.

We first tried to find one on the way to Clent. We walked to the location the GPS took us, but then I didn't have internet so we searched around the bushes for a while but with no success. Eventually I managed to get the internet and looked at more details about the Geocache, to find that it wasn't actually in that area, but the clues on the page will direct you from there. Annoying! We decided to move on.

When properly in Clent, the new GPS coorinates took us to the top of a hill. It was tiring. The clues on the Geocache page said to stand by the gate and look ahead, and it will be under a tree. We searched all the trees and I couldn't find anything. I was silently about to give up, until I heard Brandi call over saying she found it. She said it without the enthusiasm I would have expected, so I wasn't sure if she was lying or not... but she wasn't.

The Geocache was under some roots, a little way away from the tree. We signed the paper and started to walk back. A small distance from the hill we saw a rainbow literally ending a few meters ahead of us in the next field. It was amazing. Something I wouldn't have seen if I wasn't up there Geocaching. It reminded me a lot of when I saw the rain cloud start just in front of me last time.

This is the Geocache we found.

Part 3: Clent with Dan

I decided to introduce Geocaching to Dan. Dan is a guy that I was at Uni, but didn't know him until we were placed in the same job for our sandwich year. He is an absolute legend. We are kind of different, but in a way that compliments each others personality. If it was wrestling, he would be my tag team partner.

Now it is the Spring, Clent looks a lot nicer, and is a lot warmer than it was, so I decided to take a few pictures. I think the place is really nice, and a perfect spot just outside my house to Geocache.

I first took Dan to the place me and Brandi found ours, just so he knows what kind of thing he is looking for. Then we walked down a hill, into a forest and started looking for this Geocache.

It didn't take us too long to find it in a little hole underneath a 'tree with 8 trunks'. We dug it out and signed it.

Since we were so successful we decided to try and look for another. This one looked harder, since it had no added information, just the coordinate. We failed pretty hard! But, still, a great success overall, and he has said he wants to do it again.


  1. Sounds like Orienteering - which was one of my favourite sports way back when Adam and I were kids. Will need to follow that link to find out what I need to get me going (as if Tube Bagging weren't enough!)

  2. I still don't quite understand what geocaching is or how it works.

  3. @ Tabs:
    it's like a global scavenger hunt, except you don't keep what you find. :)

  4. It sounds pretty fun, actually, though I wish I could keep it. :(

  5. This sounds like a great activity.

    I saw a movie about this once. And I don't remember what it is, but I remember thinking " Hey! That is hella cool!"