Sunday, 13 March 2011

Andy meets Brandi: My Memoirs, Part 1

On March 22nd 2010 I got talking to another blogger from Canada. On February 13th 2011 of the following year, after talking to her almost every day, she came to stay with me. Here are my memoirs:

- Spending ages beforehand meticulously planning things we can do (thanks everybody for suggestions).

- Standing at the airport, getting more nervous with every second that passed. Listening to M83 (8 mins long) on repeat, wandering at the start of each listen if ‘this will be the one I first see her’.

- Waiting for an hour after the plane landed before asking the staff where the passengers were, only to be told there is no “white Caucasian” in the queue. Thankfully, seconds later she appeared.

- Thinking she looked stunning and wanting to kiss her when I first went over, but got too nervous to even make proper conversation.

- The first night, lying in bed watching Take Me Out. Desperately wanting to make a move, but not being able to. Eventually I made the move and we kissed.

- Making breakfast in bed for Valentines Day, and giving her a silver heart shaped box, with our names, the date, and 'England' engraved on it. She gave me a really nice card and mix-tape.

- For our Valentines 'first date', planning a day of going for a walk and Geocaching, hitting golf balls, and making fresh bread and sangria.

- Having our first photograph together at the driving range, where I was hitting them really far, and Brandi wasn't quite so good.

- Walking to Clent, carrying Brandi on my back across muddy parts. She kept slipping over regardless.

- Checking the GPS to see if we were near a Geocache, to find out we were almost on top of one. Brandi finding the Geocache that I had nearly given up hope on.

- Starting to walk home in the rain, only to see the very end of a rainbow, only meters from us.

- Falling asleep next to her on the evening, tired form all the walking. Waking up later than I wanted and rushing to make the bread and sangria.

- Failing again with the bread, by putting it in the oven, but forgetting to turn the oven on. We eventually eat the bread nearly at midnight.

- Having to go to work the next few days, being worried about what Brandi would think of the city, and worried about if she would find her way back okay.

- Brandi coming to watch me boxing, and being worried that I wasn't doing very well in front of her.

- Booking a sofa at the back of UKs oldest cinema to see the most depressing film, "Never Let Me Go". Ordering drinks and snacks using my phone while watching the film, and cuddling up.

- Going to the Glee Club to see comedians. Standing up at the end to find we had sat on a cardigan with sick on it. Not being able to get the smell away.

- Brandi meeting my work friends after my last day at Switch, and making a good impression.

- Going to some bars in Brindley Place, then walking along the canal to Mailbox and getting cocktails and meeting friends. Then drunkenly running along concrete posts, falling and going shoulder first into one of them.

- Taking advantage of our first proper morning together, before taking Brandi to meet my parents and family for the first time. 50% of my parents really liked her, and all of my family.

Part two to come shortly.


  1. Wow, that was adorable. SO sweet, it gave me diabetes.

  2. M83, GREAT choice...which song was on repeat?
    Also, did you like the mixed tape?