Thursday, 10 March 2011

Birmingham vs Vancouver: The Accents

When me and Brandi (Kisekae) first met, we decided to do the accent VLog that seemed to be going around at the time. Some other bloggers I know had done it, such as on Lorraine's blogSara's blog, and Harley's blog, and they all seem to be saying words wrong, so I felt I should correct them ;).

Anyway, this is our accent VLog! It is the most prolonged video I have been in. I don't like my voice, so I will be sad if you insult it!!

Brandi is from Vancouver, and I am from Birmingham.


  1. Awww you guys are so cute together!!!

  2. lol, you guys are Great!

    oh, and those spiders Are the most poisonous, but they can't actually bite humans b/c their teeth aren't big enough!

  3. Adorable <3
    She looks super pretty!!
    You look....dorkily smitten >:D

  4. This is sweet. And I have accent envy. I have a boring almost accent... =/

    You two are adorable together.