Sunday, 6 March 2011

Switch: My Memoirs

On the 18th of March I worked my last day at Switch. I first joined Switch in August 2009, as my first 'post University job'.

I really enjoyed my time at Switch, and got on well with my team and co workers. Eventually I had to move on to try and further my career and get more money (in aim of getting a mortgage).

Here are some of my memoirs:

- My first bit of work being creating a new competition on a website.

- Going out with Switch people for the first time, everyone got a beer, but I decided to get a rum punch. The restaurant instantly ruined my image by putting a pink umbrella in it.

- Simon saying a man looked like Ian Wright, because he was wearing the same hat that he always wears on TV. I twisted it to make it sound racist. This was pretty much ongoing for the duration of my time there. Sorry Si!

- Joining the gym that some of the guys at Switch went to. The first time I had ever properly, regularly gone to the gym. At one point I actually hit nearly 13 stone, and mainly muscle!

- Getting a bonsai tree. Everyone was sure it had died, but then it suddenly sprouted. And then died.

- The Pi game. See who can find the longest, earliest string of numbers in the first million numbers of Pi. That sounds nerdier than it was.

- The Googlewack game. Seeing who could find the least results in a two, real word, Google search.

- "American Psycho? Was that set in London?" - Matt Burns, 2011.

- "The Amazon river? That's the one that goes though Egypt isn't it?" Simon Del Giudice, 2011.

- My questioning conversations with Jon, leading to the Twitter account 'Stuff Andy Asks'.
- Going to the great Bombay Bicycle Club gig.

- Upsetting everyone in the office by cooking pilchards on toast.

- The gambling month, seeing who can make the most profit with £25. Winning steadily, despite Simon having a week of making loads of money, before losing it all.

- Steve shouting "Andy, I think I just saw someone walk off with your bike". Me thinking he was joking at first, then running outside with Leon, to find some bald smack-head walking off down the road with my bike. I confronted him and he said sorry and walked off. Such a confusing moment.

- Bi-monthly morning MMA conversations with Matt. Convincing Leon that he will become an MMA fan.

- The birth of Famous Fit Female Friday.

- Christmas party, everyone discussing the age old question, a 4" penis in the bum for 5 minutes, or a 12" penis gently slid in once.

- Making Simon think Matt had sucked his chocolate egg while he was downstairs.

- The ongoing debate on quantity versus quality for the biscuit tin.

- The ongoing debate about what context 'verses' can be used in.

- The ongoing debate about tea/coffee quality.


  1. It's 'versus'.

    And for the last time there is no such thing as 'versing'.

  2. Chocolate egg incident still makes me laugh :)