Thursday, 17 March 2011

Andy meets Brandi: My Memoirs, Part 3

On March 22nd 2010 I got talking to another blogger from Canada. On February 13th 2011 of the following year, after talking to her almost every day, she came to stay with me. Here is part 3 of my memoirs:

- Pointing out the BT Tower from every angle and location in and around Birmingham.

- Going ice skating and trying to push her over so I wouldn't be the first to fall. In the end I managed to!

- Losing at bowling.

- Going to Bourton-on-the-Water, walking around the village, and playing on the park. Looking at house prices and talking about how nice it would be if we lived there.

- Watching bad TV on a morning. Jeremy Kyle, Judge Judy, Wedding SOS, etc.

- Playing Scrabble together, and both putting down incorrect words. FAW!

- Getting girlfriend approval from my friends after going for Indian food.

- Going to the Safari Park, and feeding all the different animals. Getting the car rammed by African Wild Dogs, and scaring Brandi by rolling down the window when an angry looking Ostrich walked over.

- Looking out over Kinver from a church at the top of a hill, and silently thinking about what our future would be like, and the time spent apart.

- Going to the Crooked House Pub, and seeing an old couple that will be us in 50 years, sitting silent and not talking to each other.

- Went for a really nice Chinese meal, and convinced her to eat Duck Pancakes.

- Being hugged in bed when I was really sad about everything. Knowing that I never wanted to lose her.

- Playing Cranium together, being both on the same side and against each other.

- Telling her to blow the Playstation to make the DVD come out, then ejecting it using the controller when she did, then watching and laughing as she sat trying to blow it really hard until it came out.

- Knowing how much I had to treasure the last day and remember every minute.

- Taking Logan and Charlie to Clent to play football. While they were kicking the ball around me and Brandi watched the sun set, then had a 2 on 2 football game with them. She is better than most girls!

- Spending our last night staying up really late cuddling.

- Being really sad, driving her to the airport. Then tried to take my mind off it by playing Air Hockey, but Brandi knocked the puck under another machine before either of us scored a point.

- Staying with her until she had to go through security. Hugging for ages and telling her I loved her.

Ps. I love her


  1. You know this is the first time I have ever read you blog and gaaaaaaaaah. You already know how adorable you two are but it really makes me happy that you arent afraid to write stuff like this. I know you guys will be together a very long time.

  2. This post is so cute. Like Jes, this is the first time i've read your blog but it seems like you guys have it pretty much sorted!