Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Andy meets Brandi: My Memoirs, Part 2

On March 22nd 2010 I got talking to another blogger from Canada. On February 13th 2011 of the following year, after talking to her almost every day, she came to stay with me. Here is part two of my memoirs:

- Keep waking up with her being withholding, and the other side of the bed, but after a few nights (and telling her off) waking up wrapped together.

- Realising how good we are at cooking together. We made the best lasagna, risotto, nachos, bacon and egg sandwiches, triple-decker bacon-sausage-egg sandwiches, and leek and potato soup that I have ever eaten.

- Trying to annoy her by doing things like knocking her food out of her hand, and biting her Kitkat in an improper manner. Why hide who I am? ;)

- Trying to convince her I could beat up a bear, but not a cat.

- Planned a second main date of going to Bridgnorth, a nice village-town, looking at swans, and going on an old-style steam train. We eat a nice Cornish Pasty.

- Going around the Steam Train Museum, where Brandi kept touching things she shouldn't. We made shadow puppets in the film bit, and played on the park and had a race. This was the moment I realised I definitely wanted to be with her forever.

- Having a bed day, cuddling and watching TV, until 8pm when we played minigolf with friends and I came last.

- Making the accent VLog, and editing it, and it looking like Brandi just stared lovingly into my eyes for ages.

- Taking her on a Lord of the Rings Birmingham tour, and walking around the reservoir, and climbing a big fence to save time. Then playing on the wooden beams near the reservoir, trying to push each other off them.

- Getting a migraine and Brandi hugging me... though not as much as I'd like, especially after I had just bought her flowers.

- Loving every second together, even when we just sat around doing nothing.

- Going to Warwick Castle, doing rude poses with mannequins, watching knights battle, and getting told off by a woman trying to stay in character, for following Brandi into a staff only secret passage.

- Brandi trying to grab my hand and make me touch a young girls bottom.

- Going to Stratford and seeing Shakespeare's home, then getting chips and sitting next to the river, watching two groups of youths that we had decided were the Montague's and Capulet's.

- Joking about us not being boyfriend and girlfriend, before one night finally asking her.

- Going on a 20 mile bike ride along the canals, including a nearly 2 mile, pitch black tunnel where a mysterious man emerged shortly after we did, even though I’m sure he wasn’t behind us. I was very impressed with how Brandi managed to suffer sitting on the really hard saddle for that long.

- Our first 'proper' night out in Mechu, and thinking that she is very fun to go out with.

- Recording our rap.

- Watching her getting ready to go out, and thinking how beautiful she looked.


  1. You're amazing.

    ...aside from the kit-kat incident.

    Love you, x

  2. Aw I love so much about this post! But especially this bit: "This was the moment I realised I definitely wanted to be with her forever."
    I think my heart actually melted just a little bit.

    Also, you two would make some beautiful, beautiful babies. XD

  3. Aw, you guys make me sighle and kinda believe that love does exist after all (I tend to forget that from time to time).
    I am so glad you met :) you look perfect together...perfectly happy...which is even better!

  4. OMG I love part two and that fact that Brandi has her own label! You guys make me sick in the most beautifully romantic way xo

  5. P.s- You guys make a really cute couple xx