Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Brazil, Manaus (Amazonia): My Memoirs, Part I

Last year a friend called me about booking flights to Brazil. It's been quite a long time since I've been to a far away country, with a beach, and it was a good price so I was really up for it!

We had planned to go to 3 main areas; Manuas, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo.
Manaus is deep into Amazonia, so I was looking forward to this most. I had hoped to cross 'Go into the Amazon' off my list, but after getting there I quickly realised that to cross off what I would count as 'going into the Amazon' would take a holiday in itself. Nonetheless, it was amazingly beautiful (pun).

Here are my Manaus memoirs:

- The 27 hours travel from my house to the hostel. It actually went fairly quickly. The long walk around the Frankfurt airport, and confusion as to what the little underground doors are.

- Being taught how to play Rummy by Andy, then getting a 'Rummy' in my first game, while losing 98-20 or something.

- The epic rain when arriving in the rain forest. I suppose it is in the name, but floods were over a foot high!

- Being the first customers in the Manaus Big Bob's, and having my Big Bob Burger brought over buy a guy called Bob. We then went on to eat a Big Bobs almost every day, in almost every place.

- Everywhere in Manaus looking like it was war-torn, with burnt out buildings (I think it was actually just rain damage).

- Having a wander around Manaus, watching Brazillian children play football. They were better than most adults I've seen.

- Playing Pokemon White, lots, and lots, and lots.

- Touching my first tree in the Amazon after going up the River Negro on a boat trip, then awkwardly dancing with some Native Indians.

- Seeing the Native Americans village, and it reminding me exactly of Hugo's House of Horrors 3 (and the great memories of me and my mom playing it).

- Swimming with pink dolphins. Accidentally kicking them thinking it was the steps to get back up to the platform.

- Hugging a baby sloth, and how cute it looked up at me and blinked slowly, then wouldn't let go of the vest (that's right, I was wearing the vest).

- Having my photo taken next to a huge anaconda.

- Walking alongside monkeys and crocodiles (or whatever the Amazon version is), and seeing the amazingly beautiful place with the huge lilly pad things.

- Seeing the 'meeting of the waters', where the cold, fast, clear Amazon meets the slow, warm, black River Negro, and because of the differences they don't merge. You can literally feel it go from hot to cold in a second.

- Wishing I hadn't eaten any food cooked on a floating house.

- Climbing the 100ft tree and getting a beautiful view of the tree tops.

- Talking to lots of Brazillians about UFC.

- Meeting a German guy and an Australian guy, and talking to them all evening. The German guy's apartment is being used for a German reality TV program while he is away. How interesting!

- Getting absolutely owned by mosquitoes. I really had never been bitten until Brazil, yet the number of bites brought horror to the faces of even the Brazillian people.

- The breathtaking views of the 'flooded forest', with the trees being perfectly reflected in the water.

Over the next few weeks I will put the memoirs of the rest of my holiday.


  1. wow I envy you! I've also wanted to go to Brazil and just near the Amazones! And dolphins! oh i love dolpins! anyway seem like you had a great trip! :) can't wait to hear a little more from it