Thursday, 14 January 2010

Organising Photos!

I very much like things organised. I don't collect things because I hate the thought of throwing things that have spent too long with me away. I'm clingy. Anything I have had for more than a certain time cannot be thrown away, and must instead be put in the loft, which will hopefully (if it bares no significant meaning to me) be forgotten, and thrown away by somebody else. If I have had anything long, then I feel it must be protected as some kind of record of my life. Anyway.. I'm rambling...

A few months ago, I looked on my Facebook and saw I had less tagged photos than I'm sure I had before. This could just be me being paranoid... but if I do have less then those photos are gone forever. I didn't even have chance to say bye. For this reason, I felt I had to download and save all my tagged photos (I have over 2300). I had saved about 1000 when I started to think that just a couple of photos of me, from a night out, is out of context. It means nothing without the whole album, which put me in a pickle, and one I would have to try and ignore.

I put it off for a few months.. until today. While marveling at other Google things, and seeing how it could change my life, I remembered Picasa... something I once downloaded and deleted within seconds as I felt I had no need for it (after all, all the photos were on Facebook). After remembering my problem, I did a bit of Google searching and found Fotobounce. This amazing app will connect to Facebook, and download all the pictures you tell it to, albums and all. It will even tag people based on really clever facial recognition (a feature I was impressed with, but didn't need as Picasa also does it).

I am now downloading every photo I have ever been tagged with, along with the album it was in. Maybe a little obsessive, but in thousands of years time I could be grateful to be looking back at the photos.

Anyway, for those interested, Picasa looks at all your pictures and builds up some kind of biometric thing of people. This allows it to automatically know who are in photos, so you can find all photos by a certain person. It's pretty pro. Get it.

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