Wednesday, 13 January 2010

21) Cycle 50 miles; Post 1

Both my 100 things to do list, and 2010 resolutions have that I must do a 50 mile bike ride.

I started the year off well by taking my bike, which I haven't properly used in maybe 8 years, to have a service and repair. Keeping up the rapid progression, 4 days later I messaged my friend... and today I have finally decided on a cycle route! It already feels like it has been crossed off my list. Surely all the hard work is done now.

The route is Birmingham to Oxford, which you can see
here. Hopefully it won't be too hard, and the 4 minutes I struggled to do on the bike at physio (because of cardio, not my knee!) was just me having a bad day :)

This post alone acts as progression! If I'm not dead by the end of it, I may add a '100 mile bike ride' to the list... :o

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