Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Svenska Helgen i England

This weekend my Swedish friends, Kristofer and Mikael stayed over. I met Kristofer in Thailand, where I drunkenly agreed to go to Sweden. Since I did a lot of travelling last year, I decided to stick to it (I don't like to make false promises...).

I had one of the best holidays I had staying at his place... so I had to try and make their stay just as fun. They had previously been to London, but felt it was too touristy, and wanted to see the 'proper' England.

On Friday I took them to Gatecrasher. Was such a good night. They met my friends, which included Joe (he will moan if he doesn't get a mention), and everyone got on really well. Their sense of humour is very in line with ours, which is quite uncommon even for British people.

Saturday was spent in Birmingham, then on the night showing them the '5th worst city in the world', Wolverhampton. We went to the Civic centre, which was very fun, and drunken. My highlight was probably the extremely slippy spot, that claimed about 5 people in as many minutes, at one point taking two girls down at once. How I love to laugh at others misfortune.

Sunday was more relaxed. We had an English Sunday dinner, and then we went to the Black Country museum (an amazing place). The people there were just leaving as nobody had came in due to the snow, so I felt really guilty when they had to stay, but they were nice about it, and showed us around some things. On the evening we chilled out with my friends again and played PS3.

I am sad to see them go :( and now really, really tired. I hope to go to Sweden again at some point this year.

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