Friday, 19 February 2010

FFFF: Over 50s

Round 5 of Famous Fit Female Friday. I am not happy about this category. It took me all week of searching to find a woman over 50 that I thought was 'fit'. I had got pretty desperate, and now have search history entries of things like 'Swedish Olympic team 1984', 'most plastic surgery', and a low point in my life... 'over 50 porn stars'.

As with last week, there will be a viewers choice, so get voting.

Rebecca De Mornay
Rebecca De Mornay

Ellen Barkin picture
Ellen Barkin

Sharon Stone picture
Sharon Stone

Kim Cattrall picture
Kim Cattrall

Nigella Lawson picture
Nigella Lawson

Christie Brinkley  picture
Christie Brinkley

Michelle Pfiffer picture
Michelle Pfeiffer

Fiona Phillips picture
Penny Smith

Jane Seymour picture
Jane Seymour

Kim Basinger picture
Kim Basinger

Jeniffer Tilly picture
Jeniffer Tilly

Rene Russo picture
Rene Russo

Winner: Kim Cattral - 19 points
Runner up: Rebecca De Mornay - 14 points
Others: Nigella Lawson - 12 points
Sharon Stone - 12 points
Jane Seymour - 7 points
Jeniffer Tilly - 6 points
Michelle Pfeiffer - 6 points
Rene Russo - 5 points
Christine Brinkley - 2 points

"I picked a minger" Award: Ellen Barkin - 0 points
Kim Basinger - 0 points
Fiona Phillips - 0 points

Views Choice: Nigella Lawson

Next weeks category: Celebrity Reef Competition (pictures must be showing their bum, clothed or unclothed)


  1. Gilf top 3 from me...

    1. Nigella Lawson
    2. Kim Catrall
    3. Jane Seymour

  2. 1. Jennifer Tilly
    2. Kim Cattrall
    3. Michelle Pfeiffer

  3. Woz's...

    1. Sharon Stone
    2. Kim Cattrall
    3. Jane Seymour

  4. 1/ Nigella Lawson
    2/ Rene Russo
    3/Jennifer Tilly

    =) ♥

  5. Loving the over 50's!
    1 Rene Russo
    2 Michelle Pfeiffer
    3 Sharon Stone

  6. 1) Jeniffer Tilly
    2) Kim cattrall
    3) Nigella Lawson