Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Yesterday I thought I saw a great idea...

I went to the toilets in the Bullring, and because I was carrying lots of bags I decided to go into the cubicle as it is easier.

When I got in there I was shocked and amazed to see that inside the cubicle was a sink, taps and a mirror. It was luxury! I had to check I wasn't in the disabled toilets. This meant I could wash my hands, and do my hair in the mirror without feeling vain (as its all secrety).

I thought this was the best idea I've seen in a long time... until I walked out of the toilet to dry my hands... to the disgusted looks from people who think I'm drying the piss off my hands, and not the water from the tap inside the cubicle.


*image not the exact one from the toilets. I felt silly trying to take a photo of a toilet while people were watching.