Thursday, 4 February 2010

Kiwi Fruit: Eat the Damn Skin

I have always eaten the skin of kiwi fruit, much to the disgust of people around me, who said you're not meant to eat it. It is the nicest part by far, and it would be silly to cut it off... and anyway, the skin of other fruit is the most healthy.

Today, my mom gave me two kiwi fruits, and told me not to eat the skin because its bad for you, so I decided to do some research. I found, and I quote:

"Kiwi fruit skin contains high levels of flavonoids, insoluble fibre and antioxidants: these substances all have a beneficial effect on your body's metabolic functions (flavonoids and antioxidants) and on your digestive system and cardiovascular apparatus (insoluble fiber)."

So there you have it. Kiwis are healthier with the skin on. The antioxidants make your own skin better... and I think flavonoids help reduce cancer risks.

Also, the second most healthiest part is directly under the skin (as with most fruit), which is lost when the skin is removed.

So take everyone *finger up*.

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  1. hey andy! thx for commenting on my blog!! :D i guess i aint the only one who rants much in my blog. haha! n btw, i find the kiwi skin rather hard to eat with all that "fur".. haha!