Friday, 12 February 2010

FFFF: Comic/Graphic Novel Film Stars

Round 4 of Famous Fit Female Friday (FFFF) brings us three new nominators. As stated in the rules, all nominations must have been in a film that has a comic book or graphic novel before it.

I have had many people asking about whether they too can vote, so I have decided to have a 'Viewers Choice' award. To vote, simply comment this post with the top 3, in order. Otherwise, you can text me or email me if you have those details, but commenting is probably easier. I have opened up the comments so you don't have to register on the site, but please leave your name.

Without further delay, here are the round 4 nominations:

Malin Akerman Silk Spectre Watchmen Picture
Malin Akerman (Watchmen, Silk Spectre II)

Cameron Diaz The Mask Picture
Cameron Diaz (The Mask, Tina Carlyle)

Rebecca Romijn Mystique Xmen Picture
Rebecca Romjin (X-Men, Mystique)

Rachel Nichols GI joe Scarlett picture
Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe, Scarlett)

Peta Wilson Mina Harker league of Extraordinary Gentlemen picture
Peta Wilson (Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mina Harker)

Pamela Anderson Barb Wire Picture
Pamela Anderson (Barb Wire, Barb Wire)

Natassia Malthe Elektra Typhoid Picture
Natassia Malthe (Elektra, Typhoid Mary)

Jessica Alba Invisible Woman picture
Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Invisible Woman)

Eva Mendes Sand Seref The Spirit Picture
Eva Mendes (The Spirit, Sand Saref)

Carla Gugino Silk Specre Watchmen picture
Carla Gugino (Watchmen, Silk Spectre I)

Jane Fonda Barbarella picture
Jane Fonda (Barbarella, Barbarella)

Megan Gale Wonderwoman picture
Megan Gale (Wonderwoman, Wonderwoman)

Update: After much controversy about Wonder Woman being on hold and not yet a film, I have decided to allow the win anyway. If you don't agree, then accept the runner up as the winner.

Winner: Megan Gale (16 points)
Viewers Choice: Eva Mendes
Runner up: Rebecca Romjin (13 points)
Malin Akerman (9 points)
Eva Mendes (9 points)
Cameron Diaz (6 points)
Rachel Nichols (6 points)
Natassia Malthe (6 points)
Carla Gugino (5 points)
Jessica Alba (3 points)
Jane Fonda (2 points)
Peta Wilson (2 points)

"I picked a minger" Award: Pamela Anderson (0 points)

Next weeks category: TBA


  1. AJ, its John Cox.
    Eva Mendes all the way.

  2. yoo its barbz

    i agree, mendes is the 1.

    that megan gale looks pretty decent, and then its gotta be jessica alba.

  3. 1.Carla Guigino
    2.Eva Mendez
    3.Jane Fonda

    Feakes x

  4. Eva Mendes - totally.

  5. 1st: Carla Gugino
    2nd: Natassia Malthe
    3rd: Cameron Diaz


  6. 1. Megan Gale (if viable)
    2. Jessica Alba
    3. Rebecca Romjin
    4. Cameron Diaz

  7. Got to be Mendez No1

  8. Wow Mendez is hot

  9. Mendez is a total babe wasn't she in Fast and Furious??

  10. It's a geeks wet dream! You didn't post the opening titles of Barbarella... that would defo secure me the weekly title!

    Leon (a Geek)

  11. Bloody hell Mendez the others are all mingers

  12. Megan Gale don't you mean Megan Fox?????

  13. I think there is some cheating by the Eva Mendes nominator ;P - I can only count votes who aren't 'anonymous' - put a name on.

  14. I don't know what you mean ....

  15. Mendes is bloomin lovely

  16. Fuck me that Mendes is off the Hook fucking hell me old mucka.

  17. 1. Megan Gale (or my Megan Fox Wonder Woman!)
    2. Carla Gugino
    3. Rebecca Romjin

  18. 2nd Place Rebecca Romjin
    3rd Place Megan Gale

  19. 1. Megan Gale (if not a null and void vote!)
    2. Malin Akerman
    3. Eva Mendes
    4.(if 1 not valid). Pamela Anderson


  20. It werent Mendes in F&F, it was Michelle Rodriguez who got shot in Lost series 2 and blown up in her chopper in Avatar! In the correct lighting shes do-able n'all.

  21. Mendes was 2 Fast 2 Furious

  22. Gale should be banned she hasn't even been in a film the ugly slag.

  23. 1 Mendes
    2 Gugino
    3 Gale

    I dont like the one taking a shit.

  24. Leon Monnington said...

    Apart from spelling my own name wrong, Mendes is overy pretty and I can see her bum crack through her knickers!

  25. Leon Monnington also said...

    Who is this impostor pretending to be me and spelling my name wrong? I can still see Mendes's bum crack though.

  26. Leon Monnington also said...

    Diaz is such a minger she's broken the mirror! Also apart from looking like she's having a difficult poo... check out the size of Gale's feet... man feet!

  27. Megan Gale said (once she'd washed her hands)...

    "Phew that took a bit of shiftin'"

  28. Leave Cameron out of this. She is very phit, and you are jealous. Humph.

  29. Leon Monington said...

    'Cameron'... isn't that a man's name?

  30. Amy :)
    1st - Rebecca Romjin
    2nd - Carla Gugino
    3rd - Cameron Diaz