Sunday, 21 March 2010

FFFF: Presenters (Results)

A well deserved win here for Rob H, with Elisabetta Canalis. You can tell a lot of work went into that montage, which more than doubled the points of second place.

Simon crawled back up the ranks after last weeks disaster, and will be hoping to be back at the top again soon. Decent results from the first-time-nominators.

Next weeks category: Women of Reality TV/Competitions (gained majority of fame through)

To nominate, email me with the name and picture ->

Points breakdown:
Elisabetta Canalis (Rob H) - 31
Rachelle Leah (Me!) - 14
Kelly Brook (Faker) - 14
Holly Willoughby (Melissa) - 12
Sara Carbonero (Gavin J) - 11
Laura Esposto (Simon) - 10
Georgie Thompson (Dave T) - 10
Jessica-Jayne Clement (Chris D ) - 8
Andrea McLean (Mark P) - 7
Fearne Cotton (Ajay) - 6
Alexandra Dinu (Matt B) - 4
Jayne Middlemiss (Anonymous) - 2


  1. About time, get in!! :)

  2. DAMNIT I forgot to get my vote in. Next time, next time...

  3. Oh day you can blog about geeky sexy bloggers :P
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