Monday, 15 March 2010

26) Go to Stonehenge

I added #26, 'go to Stonehenge' to my list, because I think it is quite bad that I live in a fairly small country and have never been.

To those who don't know what Stonehenge is, it was built around 4600 years ago, taking a few hundred years. That may not be true, I only skim-read Wikipedia.

Anyway. On Saturday 13th March, during my epic road trip, after completing the UK's longest hedge-maze, I travelled 20 miles east, stopping only once to get pub food, and then walked around the rocks for a while.

On the top right of the picture you can see a bird who is blatantly disregarding the rules and standing on the rocks. The rebel.

... and here is Captain Vestman, conquering the rocks.

Excuse the nipples. It was cold and embarrassing.

*Crosses #26 off the list*


  1. I can't deciede if I want to hide from or hang out with captain vestman. He does seem to have some wonderful adventures, he's just missing a clever catchphrase.

    I visited stonehenge a few months ago, it's a good thing to have on your list (especially considering you live in England) but its one of those things that you see for a few minutes and its like wow, thats cool, but now what.

  2. I am so jealous right now. I would love to visit a place like that! I don't think I've ever really been anywhere historically interesting. Ha!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog. Loving your To Do list. Hope you get it all finished! I'm a To Do list maker myself and I think you've given me some ideas.

  4. It took a few hundred years to pile up a couple rocks? The Colosseum was built in only 8 years!

  5. In my dim and distant past I drove past Stonehenge coming back from a friends wedding - it was so long ago you were still allowed to touch the stones! We got out, took our kit off and pretended to be druids at the midsummer festival (it was November). Imagine my disappointment when about 20 years later I found myself back in that neck of the woods and it was all fenced off.

  6. Captain vestman does have a catchphrase....'dont worry citizen, captain vestman will save you.' Clearly she has has never seen the feature length
    (Ashley W)