Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A 'Behaviour Warning' From Sony

Today I received this nice warning from Sony:

Dear skillshot,

We are contacting you regarding your PLAYSTATION®Network account and your
recent online activity.

On 01/03/2010, your behaviour whilst playing SingStar , was not acceptable
for the following reason(s): Mature content (unsuitable for SingStar).

When you signed up to the PLAYSTATION®Network you agreed to be bound by the
Terms & Conditions of the service. We request that you change your
behaviour to adhere to these conditions.

To assist us in maintaining the quality of our service and to ensure that
the PLAYSTATION®Network is a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone,
we have implemented a system of formal warnings and possible suspensions.

In this instance we do not believe your actions warrant a suspension, but
please be advised that any further breaches of the Terms & Conditions may
result in a formal warning or even a temporary or permanent suspension of
your account from the PLAYSTATION®Network.

We kindly ask that you respect other PLAYSTATION®Network users and enjoy
the service as it was intended.

Yours Sincerely,
The Community Team
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Wanting to be a bit bitchy, I replied with this (for those who don't know what happened to most PS3s in the world, read here):

Dear Sony

There must be a misunderstanding. Regrettably, I was one of the few people who bought their PS3 close to release, even though there was little support for games. This meant that, for my loyalty, I was actually unable to use my PS3 for the duration of 01/03/2010 due to an error which, sadly, wasn't fixed and left to the hope that the next day will solve the issues.

Please take steps in removing this 'warning' from my account, as when you check your records you will see I had not connected to the PSN on this date.

Yours Sincerely,
Andy Jones

I think they mean the day before, when me and Melissa made some quite funny, Singstar videos. I definitely wouldn't call it 'mature content', it was actually very, very childish.

If I find a way to get them on the computer I will upload them. They tickled me greatly. Spoilsports.

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  1. ha. "whilst." if that's not a word indicating "serious business," then i don't know what it is. nice reply. tell them how it is. don't let them question your loyalty because of some good-natured childishness.