Monday, 1 March 2010

February Review

It is March already. This year is going very, very quickly. Before I know it I will be 200. Here is an update, referencing last months update:

Downloaded a money management program
Able to play a few songs on Guitar Hero drums on expert
Still blogging!

Haven't touched website
Haven't touched book
Haven't used money management program
Haven't started to learn IPA
Crossed nothing off the list
Haven't made a list of moral English companies
Only cooked once

On paper February looked like a bit of a fail. I think it wasn't at all. February is a short month. If there was a 29th then I would have done loadssss more. Actually starting boxing is a big step to getting fit and crossing off 'have a boxing match'. Although I only cooked once I shall cook three times in March.

Aims for March:
- Get database to connect for the website (the only thing holding me back)
- Open money managing program and have a poke around
- Cook three times
- Keep going to boxing
- Cross one thing off list, dammit!
- Finish this damn book.


  1. Learn the vowels of IPA first. There's 20 of them which you could split into 4 sets and do one set each week.

    The consonants are generally easy, with about half a dozen teasing ones so once you get the vowels out the way you'll be able to finish it easily.

  2. You've cooked twice Mands, Macaroni and cheese, then our French extravaganza =) <3

  3. Thanks a lot AJ. Will be a lot of help when I start (this month!).