Monday, 22 March 2010

To Streak, Or Not To Streak?

While sitting around watching football in the pub recently with my friends, we got onto the topic of streakers, and how there hasn't been a good one for a while. They then said I should run onto a sporting event, dressed as Captain Vestman, which would probably look something like this:

I am very wary of adding this to the list. First off, I'm not quite sure what the punishment would be. I don't mind a fine, or even being in a cell for a while, but I'd rather avoid a jail, or any criminal record that would make going abroad difficult. I wouldn't actually be naked so it shouldn't be too bad.

Also, I am trying to decide whether 'wtf-omfglmfao' factor outweighs the embarrassment. I love it when people run onto pitches, its hilarious... but I don't know what other people think.

So... should I add this to the list? And if so, what event should I try and crash?

And while I am on the topic, here is Karl Power, a famous 'pitch invader' who has managed to do things such as play a short game of tennis on the main court at Wimbledon, step up to bat for England at a cricket game, get on the winners podium after an Grand Prix... and most famously, get in the team photo with Manchester United (below).


  1. If Captain Vestman were really as tall as that how many security guards would it take to wrestle him off the pitch?

  2. I don't think you should do it. If your concerned about the punishment that already puts up a red flag. But more importantly, if your not going to go all the way (and by all the way I mean totally balls out naked) with the streaking, it's just not worth it. I mean, a guy in a vest? Not all that funny.

  3. I mean, go for it. But try to avoid being charged as a sex offender. However, if you decide to add this to your list, complete your mission with minimal legal repercussions, and live to blog another day, make sure to send me a video of your escapades.