Sunday, 14 March 2010

FFFF: Women in Music Results

An unexpected winner!

Congratulations Leon, who after weeks of trying has finally clinched his #1 spot. Bad luck Simon, who takes home his first 'I picked a minger' award.

Next weeks category: Presenters (news, radio and tv)

The points breakdown:

Zooey Deschannel (Leon): 26
Katy Perry (Dave): 20
Frankie Sandford (Ste): 19
Katherine Jenkins (Leigh & John): 19
Natalie Imbruglia (Rob): 14
Alicia Keys (Nick): 13
Beyonce (AJ Sadler): 12
Rachel Stevens (Ajay): 9
Gwen Stefani (Melissa): 9
Alizee (Andy - Mee): 4
Rhianna (Martin): 4
Laura-Mary Carter (Mike): 3
Debbie Harry (Belinda): 2
Brody Dalle (Neil): 2
Uffie (Faker): 2
Jessica Simpson (Matt): 2
Taylor Swift (Si): 1


  1. ...I must be losing it :-/

  2. Congrats! Zoey Deschanel deserves to win. She's the kind of girl that can easily be loved by men and women. Men love her bubbly girl-next-door vibe and women just love her cuz she seems like a nice girl who can dress very well. Not too in your face, not too sexy like some celebrity bombshells :)

  3. I didn't recognise her at first, but ive seen her in quite a few things.