Sunday, 14 March 2010

87) Find way around the UK's longest hedge-maze

On Saturday 13th March, 2010, Me, Neil and Melissa set off to Longleat, to complete the UKs longest hedge-maze.

I added this to my list because I have always been a fan of mazes (not something I say often). Like Theseus, I was certain that by completing the maze I would be ensuring stories would be told about me around camp fires for centuries. Unlike Theseus, I planned to do it without cheating, and find my own way out.

The place says that the maze is completed on average in 45 minutes. The best people do it in 25. Here is me and Neil, about to embark on our epic mission:

My aim was to complete it in record time but at the very first turn there was disagreement, which lead to Neil and Melissa taking a different route. I continued on my track.

After about a minute I heard Neil running back to me. We took another couple of turns... and found this:

Our time: About 2.5 mins. I'm pretty sure this route was overlooked when the maze was designed. Feeling cheated of out £3, we went back in, with the aim of getting to the tower in the middle from the other side.

This was easier said than done. Here is me looking a bit lost, pondering my route:

We wondered around for a while, occasionally splitting up, but always finding each other with a quick shout of 'MARCO' (much to the confusion of other maze-goers).

At one point I reached a spiral plant with five routes away. Whichever I took lead me back to the plant. I started to doubt I would ever be able to get out.

Luckily for us a 'helpful' maze-ruining-prick, who was stood at the top of the tower, shouted out directions at every turn. Its hardly a maze if we have directions is there, you w*nker. I was bitter.

Anyway, with his 'help', we reached the tower in the middle. Then we decided to play a game. Like the man, we would stand and direct people. Unlike the man, we would send them the wrong way. I just think of it as a hilarious way of giving them better value for money.

After originally completing the maze in just minutes, our second attempt took us near 45 minutes I think. Here is us with our certificate.

... and of course, here is Captain Vestman at the top of the tower.

And that is #87 crossed off the list!

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  1. You completed it only in 2.5 minutes the first time!! WOW. I would probably be lost and cry or something haha :D