Wednesday, 3 March 2010

100 Things To Do List - v3

The latest version of my 100 things to do list. There are a few changes and additions. Some of the additions are things that I am sure was on there, but at some point have fallen off due to having loads of 'out of sync' lists. Changes are in red!

Items on the list are things that either I want to achieve, grown up thinking I couldn't achieve or wanted to achieve, things that I find meaningful, things that when I think about or hear of make me feel good, but most of all, it must be possible, and if all were completed and I die, I would feel I lived a full life.

1) Do a 1000 piece jigsaw
A difficult one of a bull attacking a football game, which didn't have a picture on the box. Had help from mom, dad and nan.
2) Learn the guitar
3) Scam my way on the radio
4) Be on TV
5) Be an extra
Extra in Souled Out, and a government training video.
Ride a motorbike
Go jogging in a foreign country
8) Outrun the police
Young, drunk and streaking
Ride a banana boat
Volenteer for charity
11) Be on front of magazine
SixtyNine Magazine December 09, and BMs company magazine July 08.
12) Paraglide
13) Attempt an Iron Man Triathlon
14) Skydive
15) Paint a painting
16) Cut my own hair
17) Be on a TV gameshow
18) Go on holiday on my own
Sweden, July 2009
19) Climb Ben Nevis
20) Visit a big African jungle. Congo style
21) Cycle 50 miles
22) Break a world record
23) Run a popular website (over 1000 visitors a day for a week)
24) Learn to play steel drums
25) Live a day blind
26) Go to stonehenge
27) Get something published
28) Get to be in the top 10 at something in the country
29) Camp in a foreign country
Norway! May 2009
30) Build a house, or at least a shed, but not a packaged one
31) Get a degree
Completed September 3rd, BSc Computer Science (Software Engineering) at the University of Wolverhampton
32) Make a fire with sticks
33) Learn to backflip
Get a lift home from a police man
While walking back drunk from Stourbridge
35) Climb to top of Macchu Picchu
36) Make a good snowman
Me and Joe, January 2009
37) Have an IMDB profile
38) Have a Wikipedia page
39) Start a clap after a plane landing
Story here.
40) Learn to juggle
41) Get a word in the dictionary (maybe a word for nephews and neices? .. sublings?)
42) Build a boat
43) Make an acapella song and video
44) Get something patented
45) Go to John O'Groats
46) Go to Cameroon
47) See Greek temple ruins
48) Be part of a mythology role play (orcs and magic and stuff)
49) Walk into a country pub, dressed as a cowboy, saloon style.
50) Join a protest
51) Get on Google Street View
Go to a random gig
Patrick Wolf, with Melissa, May 2009
53) Join a riot
54) Get another middle name
55) Make a Macho Man costume
56) Have an MMA/Boxing fight
57) Go to a rave in a foreign country
58) Campaign for something (maybe business profits to be more freely available to the public?)
59) Befriend a big issue seller
60) Rock climb
61) Start a business
63) Crowd surf
64) Go to the Aral Sea
65) Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet
66) Get in the credits of a TV program or film
67) Set up a charity
68) Grow a proper beard
69) Learn sign language
70) Create a decent family tree
72) Learn to fly a kite
73) Become a moral invester
74) Sit in the cockpit of a small aeroplane or helicopter
75) Go inside the pyramids
76) Go over a big waterfall
77) Go in a hot air balloon
78) Fly a plane
80) Build a card tower with 4 on the bottom
81) Explore 10 derelict buildings
82) Go white water rafting
My 21st bday!
83) Go white water rafting... abroad (always more dangerous)
84) Make a film
85) Make wine
86) Make jam
87) Find way around the UKs longest hedge-maze
88) Find way around the worlds longest hedge-maze
89) Learn another language
90) Learn to ice skate backwards (and complete a lap)
91) Buy everyone in the pub a drink
92) Eat noodles in London
93) Hug a panda
95) Own a Bansai tree
Melissa bought me one, September 2009. Still alive as of January 2010
96) Go on a safari
97) Go to Asyut, Egypt
98) Be in a band and play a gig
99) See the Northern Lights
100) Complete 99 things on the list


  1. Nice ideas, the one <23) Run a popular website (over 1000 visitors a day for a week)> is the same with me =)

  2. I love the added/altered 65 (Learn the IPA) because I like that someone, firstly, knows what it is, and secondly, finds it interesting enough to put on a list! I know it thanks to a very lengthy linguistics run in my university years, and its surprisingly useful!

  3. 50) Join a protest

    in Dudley on the 3rd April or 4th April , the EDL are coming to Preach racism. There will be many people opposing them of all colours. Up to you which side you choose to support, but it will be another item of your list if you do go.


  4. Ah I am on holiday then :( .. annoying. Thanks for the info though!!

    And up to me which side I will be on? Haha. I can't imagine standing with the EDL.

  5. This is such an inspiring list~
    Can you really get another middle name?
    Very superbb!
    Good LUCK!!!!

  6. Thanks a lot Katie!

    You can get more middles names, it costs £30, and you can have as many as you want (so might as well go for value for money). The only problem is you need to get a new passport, which is £90, so I decided to wait a bit. I need to do it before I am married though.

  7. I came across your blog by accident and love it! I have a list but its not as ambitious (I'm older and have got less time left) - 5 things to do before my kids have me committed:

    1. Run 5 different marathons (used to be run a marathon but have to set myself a more difficult challenge now)
    2. Complete the Three Peaks
    3. Watch Wales play at the Millenium Stadium
    4. Re-enact the advert where two people are sitting in a car, in a blizzard, on the beach - they then leap out, stripping off as they run into the sea (need a friend to help me complete that one)
    5. Learn how to make Baked Alaska

  8. Thanks for the comment! 5 different marathons is pretty ambitious if you ask me!!! My friend has just done the New York, and is in for the London one in a few months. I struggle to run a mile though at the moment!

    I love the re-enact the advert. You have to video it (though I suppose you will have to blur our the stripping off bit to get it on youtube).

  9. I'd have to blur it anyway - no need for me to expand the explanation on the wobbly bits...
    Thanks for your comments on my blog!