Thursday, 1 April 2010

March Review

It is April already. Wow. And yes, I know I said exactly the same last month, but it has gone really fast. Quite a bit has happened this month. The biggest thing, something I think has gone unnoticed by a lot of people, is that me and Melissa split up last week. Facebook official and stuff. I won't go into the reasons, but hopefully my blog shouldn't turn too emo because of it.

Anyway, in relation to the original new years resolutions, and my 100 things to do list:

Got my website to connect to the database. Not difficult but I was being lazy.
Went to Stonehenge.
Completed the UKs longest hedge maze.
Explored a derelict building.
Visited Prague.

Haven't cooked once.
Haven't looked at my finances. Is it a bit late to bother now?
Still haven't finished the first months book. Wow, I really should give up.
Haven't got any better at the drums.

On paper it looks okay... though most of the pro's happened in the same day. I am going to try and have another adventure this month, or at least plan a load for May.

Aims for April:
Start sparing in boxing.
Go on 2 decent bike rides in preperation.
Cross one thing off the list.
Book another flight.


  1. I can't help but saying I'm sorry for what you've been through. You're going to be okay.:)

    Anyhoo, good luck for more goals. Like cooking goal for example, that sounds fun. Maybe you can try something simple to start :p like chicken noodle :p

  2. Keep positive Captain Vestman - in 2 weeks time I get to cross off my 2nd marathon - hopefully blow my current PB clean out of the water as I stagger across the finish line at the first ever Brighton Marathon! I keep a silly list in my pocket of people ho inspire me through each sodding mile - your the 21st mile....

  3. Bummer about the split. Welcome to the life of single blogging...
    I'm happy to see you always balance the good and the not so good. Be proud of your pros - who cares if it was all done in a day?! :)

    I'm excited to see how your April goes :D
    Mine's starting well, I'm heading to Tasmania for two weeks! I hope to check off hang-gliding, touring the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, and canyoning, white water rafting, and feeding a penguin :]
    Cheers, to a new month of play and adventure!

  4. Hey, your pros beat mine 10 years in advance maybe. That should really depress me, but apathetic that I am, it doesnt.
    And dont get emo! No! Life goes on and bleh.

  5. Most of your pros happened in one day? Thats nothing to be sniffed at!
    You've put me to shame- if I leave my flat without secretly wearing pajamas under my coat I think I'm doing well, but then again using the adjective slobbish to describe me wouldn't be inaccurate.
    Well done, you rock at life!

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  7. Damn Andy, Sorry to hear this, her loss not yours. Keep your blogging head up, for our (your readers) sake. LOL :)

  8. how was Stonehenge? i've always wanted to visit.