Monday, 12 April 2010

My Lack of Blogging

Don't read this unless you really have nothing better to do. It isn't that interesting.

It has nearly been two weeks since an update. I suppose that wouldn't be too bad, but I have been used to doing it a lot more regularly, usually at least once a day. So, I am sorry!

I can only try and justify it by saying I have been pretty busy! And a lot of the things that are actually interesting aren't really 'postable'. Hopefully it isn't just that my life the last two weeks have been boring.

Last week I was in Newquay. I could have posted something about what happened there, but there wasn't really any pictures to be a visual aid. This weekend has also been pretty active, went out Friday and Saturday, and went to Alton Towers on Sunday... but again, nothing really worth posting.

During the weeks I've been really busy, as I started sparing in boxing, which went really good, though I couldn't really make a big post of that yet.

While I am having this 'writers block' (something I've heard loads of people say, but didn't really think would happen), I might try and write some of the longer posts I have had planned... such as the now 4-month-brewing essay on English patriotism, or animal cruelty. I might write some more stories about crossing things off my list. Or get off my ass and actually cross something off this month.

In all honesty, it feels like a lot has changed since I have became 'single'. I mean, I feel like I have a lot less time. I don't have the nights in at the moment, I have still been trying to fill all days. When things settle, and I am back into a bit more of a routine, I'm sure I will be able to get back to properly posting again!

Much love.

Ps. this isn't me saying I am stopping posting. It is more saying I am starting again!


  1. Captain Vestman - I have to tell you my exciting news; (well exciting to me) I have met someone who has my number 4 on their list too! Sadly not the Herculean young man from next door - but what the heck someone else who has my number 4! We've even researched beaches and found the perfect location - now just have to wait until winter...the next thing is that this weekend I get to complete my 2nd marathon and have already started planning the 3rd - looks like it might be the Rutland Water marathon in November. Thank you so much for forcing me to stop dilly dallying about my list and really start doing it!

  2. welcome back andy! didnt know you were cut loose.... dont worry about the writers block. it happens to the best of us. it comes and goes like the tide. :)

  3. Are you for or against animal cruelty?

  4. Take your time. When I happen to go through something, I'll definitely be a bit behind in posting. Sometimes you'll find yourself having nothing to say, simply don't have any mood. We'll be here.

    Oh, and Welcome back!:)