Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Not just a pretty chest

This one in The Sun* made me laugh yesterday. Probably my favourite Page 3 girl 'quote':

"Kelly thinks it's fantastic Stephen Hawking says aliens almost certainly exist. She said "It's the logical extension of the anthropic principle which means life is bound to be able to thrive elsewhere, just as it does on Earth. And I love E.T. That film makes me cry".

* For those who don't know, The Sun, sadly one of UK's biggest newspapers, has a 'page 3' woman, who always has a comment on the latest news articles.

... and I don't buy it, it was in the Chinese takeaway.


  1. Suuure it was...

    I wonder who writes those comments. Some poor hack in a basement corner is sitting there looking at these pictures and imagining personalities for these girls. "Hmmm. She looks like she'd love watching sci-fi. Yeah.. And maybe she really respects Stephen Hawking. And... in her spare time she takes her telescope out and maps the stars... Maybe I should chase down her number and ask her out!"

    As if.

  2. Ha imagining personalities, GOOD ONE!

  3. Kinda almost impossible the girl said that :p