Monday, 12 April 2010

My Specul Christmas

This is a story I made when I was 6.

One specul
christmas Santa
came to me And
sed are yue Andrew
yes I am Andrew
will yue can help
me then we went on
the slay And gave
all the present s
And thay lace t
the Presents And we
went bac to the
workshop And had a
cup of tea

And then I Went home
And there wasnt any
tuys And I Went to the
Shop And i came bac
From the Shop there
Was lot of tus Sanst
came to my hoes.

I giggled at 'my hoes'. Playa.


  1. haha I love how you had tea with Santa. Such a cliche Brit!

  2. Haha that does sound bad... but.. in the Midlands, we say 'tea' to mean what most say is dinner. So, we have breakfast (9am), dinner (1pm), tea (7pm). It confuses many people, who think we are all sitting down to drink a cup of tea together (which would never happen).

  3. Aww look at your cute little spelling mistakes.

    I'm calling you Andrew from now on. My boyfriend in primary school was named Andrew. But...the meme is 'Andy Jones'. Perhaps I'll alternate.

  4. Aw!!! That's adorable, especially the spelling mistakes :P it's funny 'cuz when English speakers learn how to write they make mistakes that are pretty common to you guys but so funny to me!! It's like you're trying to figure out how words cute (it's just that you read in Spanish like you write).
    And a cup of tea with Santa?? That's so English!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. is it only a Midlands thing how we call dinner "tea"?! I was under the impression everyone else did it too!!

    though i do drink a lot of tea anyway. funnily enough in Australia they actually all have a proper "afternoon tea" - they get home from work / school and have a snack and drink all together, though when i stayed there on exchange i was the only one who drunk actual tea haha....

  6. @Erisgirl - Indeed we do. And we have a morning tea. I don't know whether you guys have that or not.

    We call 'dinner' lunch, and 'tea' either dinner or tea.

  7. Well everyone drinks tea in the morning, naturally - how else do you think we got our empire? Except it doesn't have a special name. It's generally accepted as part of breakfast.

    Yes, the two are interchangeable.....I don't remember whether my host family in Adelaide called it one or the other though :)

  8. Of course he came to your hoes, you went on a slay!

    (best post I've read in a long time, kind of a downer to realize nobody will top this, for a while, though.)

  9. Hahaha you were super cute :)

  10. Thanks dude! Good to know your back to the blog-world! Cute story!

  11. I have no idea what I was doing at six years of age. Probably wetting my pants and using crayons. I know I stopped believing in Santa when I was five though.