Friday, 31 December 2010

News Years 2010 Resolutions: Review

My very first blog post was my new years resolutions. One year on, how did I do?

1) Continue being patriotic. Start using correct English spellings (realise instead of realize, organise instead of organize)
I think I have stuck to this very well. I never use a 'z' where the correct version is an 's'. Actually, I am even banned from making changes on WikiDictionary. On top of this, I have sent a strongly worded letter to an English crisp making company that calls themselves 'chips'.

On a low note, I have a draft of a blog post that I created a year about about being patriotic, that I haven't finished. This must be done.

2) Start investing in moral British companies.

I very nearly started investing in February. I went as far as to download an app on my phone to monitor stocks. Then I ran out of money. I still intend to, but I think this resolution should perhaps be put on hold for the moment.

3) Have no more than 8.5 hours sleep.

As a general rule, I have stuck to this. Not counting days I haven't felt well, or the odd day that I have been really hung over and stayed in bed, I haven't slept my life away like when I was at University.

4) Start boxing, with the intention of sparing somewhat competitively by next year.

On 22nd Feb I joined a boxing gym. On 8th October I won my first boxing fight. I surpassed what I thought I could do!

5) Learn the drums.

Aside from playing Guitar Hero at the start of the year... I haven't really made much progress here. It is still something I would like to do, but it's so much effort...

6) Cook something exciting twice a month.

I started off well with a strong month and a half, by making 'Goats Cheese and Pea Risotto', 'Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni', and 'French Chicken in White Wine Sauce and Potato Dauphinoise', but all in all it has been pretty fail. Cooking is too expensive.

7) Make a website.

The website I was making was pretty much put on hold in March, though recently I have been learning new web technologies and programming techniques, and I am certain I will make positive steps on the website (which is yet to be announced) early next year.

8) Start to pronunciate correctly. No more lazy talking and mumbling.

I still mumble. I can't pronounce 'R's very well, and would like to get a speech person.

9) Sort out my finances.

I am very poor now. Enough said.

10) Try and read a book a month.

I gave up on this when I realised I hate reading. I got stuck on The Odyssey at the start of the year and gave up. I did read, and love The Lost World, but then I got part way and gave up on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

11) Start riding bike, with the intention of completing a 50 mile bike ride soon.

On the 18th May, me and Dan cycled 26 miles. We both got sidetracked, and then I was boxing training, and then it got too cold and snowy, but we certainly plan to do 50 miles soon. I count this as a success, since with the cycling to work and general fitness I am certain I can do 50 miles next year.

12) Although I don't really do it, exaggerate less.

I haven't noticed myself exaggerate much at all this year. I think this is a success.

13) Have less tolerance for people pissing me off.

I chose this resolution because sometimes I don't say anything back to people when they are nasty. I have made sure I haven't let people get away with rude remarks, as proved in a recent blog post when a police man was mean to me. This resolution has got me in a bit more bother this year at parties and club nights, but I think its worth it.

14) Start creatively writing in some way.

I am counting this blog. It has lasted a year now aside from a quiet period in the summer.

15) Be nicer to friends, cultivate more relationships.

I haven't stayed in touch with as many people as I like towards the end of the year, sadly. I have felt very rushed recently, and like I have lost control of the speed of my life. Deep... I know. Next year I will try harder to maintain friendships.

16) Learn IPA (international phonetic alphabet).

I started off well, I even printed out the IPA and learned a few things on it, though I promptly forgot it. I still want to learn it. It is on my 100+ Things To Do list, so will be done.

17) Keep traveling. Try and go to at least 4 countries.

This year I went to Prague (Czech Republic), Paris (France), Malia (Greece), Kaunas (Lithuania), and Marrakesh (Morocco).

18) Not take things like off the cuff comments to heart as much.

I have learned to be insult much, much better. A lot of people tend to say insulting things, thinking that I may not care, but this year I have been able to not let it bother me as much.

19) Make this year even better than the next!

This year has had progress. It has had some massive highlights that I think make it arguably better than last year.


  1. I remember the days you used to read a 'Goose Bumps' book a day xx

  2. That's a heck of a lot of resolutions for one year. I'm aiming low if i manage 1, I'll be impressed.