Friday, 3 December 2010

Last nights dream

I rarely have nightmares, but last night I woke up twice after having them. I decided to write them here, for no real reason...

I was at a friends house for the first time. I spoke to her parents, and it all seemed okay. Then it was a bit of a party, and we were downstairs and all was good. Not quite sure what happened then, I maybe knocked something over, but possibly not. Then her parents hated me, and told me how they thought I was boring, and not very nice... and then the girl decided they were right and decided she hated me too, and kicked me out.

I was over her house to watch boxing (Amir Kahn was fighting someone), and just managed to catch the first few seconds as I was leaving, where I saw Amir Kahn knock the guy out in seconds. I then tried to rush home to catch the fight after it. 

When I got in my car I reversed, slightly bumping into a house. Strangely, the house, as if it was 2 dimentional, fell backwards flat, knockig over a small community of houses behind it. I got out the car and tried to apoligise, and all the people around said how much they didn't like me too.



  1. Not to sound sadistic, but those nightmares made me laugh..Well the dominoes of houses anyway ;D!

  2. Haha. At the time I was really sad. I had just destroyed loads of houses with a slight bump. I remember in the dream thinking "omgwtf.. how has that happened!?", then trying to explain that it isn't really my fault, since that shouldn't have happened.

  3. Ok I know you didn't write your dream down to really have it analyised but can I just say this? (You can always delete the comment if you don't like it)

    Don't worry so much about people liking you!

  4. Oh jeez. My dreams are so much more average than must reflect my personality. Damn.